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Saturday Sharing (04/24/10)

(via Gunaxin Media)

Party Down, Party Down's back: Recap of the Season 2 priemere of Party Down, the really really good Starz original comedy starring Adam Scott, Martin Starr (!), Lizzy Caplin (!!) and Ken Marino (!!!). So watch it on Starz or steam it on Netflix, it's quite good. (via Vulture)

You know who fights terrorism or crazy people on planes, former Big League Managers: Kevin Kennedy, former manager of the Red Sox and Rangers helped subdue Stanley Dwayne Sheffield, a mentally ill guy who was yelling about the plane blowing up and wanting to get to the cock pit? America, yeah! (via Deadspin)

You don't know chillwave? You gotta know chillwave: I've been listening to all these Chillwave bands for a while now and still don't really have an idea what the genre's all about. (via Hipster Runoff)

Desert Nachos? I'll take 100: Biggest regret of the week? Missing out on Treats Truck's Desert Nachos that they brought back on Tuesday. (via Midtown Lunch)

If this is true, consider Madden '11 pre-ordered: Gus Johnson (of the greatest play by play announcer fame) is rumored to to be doing play by play for Madden '11, OHHHHHHH!(via Paste Padre)

New York City Munchie Guide (or foods Ryan just wants to eat)
: I've decided that after LEAN MEAN 2010 is said and done with, I'm just going to print out this page and blindly throw darts at it to figure out the answer to the question of "What does Ryan want to eat today?"(via Gridskipper)
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