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Saturday Sharing (04/17/10)

(via Concrete Jungle)

Lean Mean 2010 out, Shack Beach Diet in: The menus for the soon to be opened UES, Theater District, and MIAMI Shake Shacks are live on the Shake Shack website, and unique to each location will be new Concrete flavors such as Pineapple Upper East Side Cake (UES), Great White Way, Pretzel! The Concrete (Midtown), and The Shack Beach Diet and Shark Attack (Miami). (via Eater NY)

Sometimes the truth isn't as interesting (or delicious if you're into eating humans)
: So the Donner Party weren't cannibals after all, they just ate their dog. (via MSNBC)

This blog is correct, Pizza Rules
: Before OAB launched, I was this close to securing the Pizza Rules domain but Nick Sherman beat me to it. But there is nothing I support more than his month long diet of pizza (and only pizza). (via Pizza Rules)

Rap Mogules, They're just like us: Like me, Jay-Z fails to support a young man's basketball team by not buying a pack of M&M's. (via Concrete Loop)

P4K's guide to Record Store Day
: Extremely torn on Record Store day, on one hand I could spend a bunch of money on some awesome records but it's also day one of the NBA playoffs and I kind of want to sit on my ass and watch basketball all day. (via Pitchfork)

Where is the 1995 draft class of Ki-Jiana Carter, Tyrone Wheatley, Rashaan Salaam: ESPN ranks the top 5 NFL draft class since 1967, Marino/Elway/Kelly class of '83 ranks number 1. In other news, OAB is headed to round 2 of the NFL Draft next Friday night, so be prepared for something epic in the aftermath. (via ESPN)

International DVR alert, Penelope Princess of Pets: A long time ago on a website called Super Deluxe, Kristen Schaal had a web series with Kurt Braunohler where she talked to animals and had to kill the prime minster or something, and now it's gotten picked up as a full series in England. Tally ho! (and what I mean by tally ho is please come to America). (via Videogum)
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