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Saturday Sharing (04/10/10)

(via BrooklynVegan)

James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem has created my new drink: I'm as psyched as anyone for the new LCD record but what I'm more psyched about the whiskey/champagne concoction that James Murphy was drinking on stage at MHOW last night. Any way, pictures and the like from last night's "show of the year" are at BVeg. (via BrooklynVegan)

Mayoral quote of the year, White Plains edition:
Twice arrested (most recently for witness tampering, second-degree criminal contempt and harassment) Mayor of White Plains, New York Adam Bradley apparently yelled to his wife, "It's over, it's over, you should hang yourself" concerning the hoopla over his first arrest. What was Mayor Bradley first arrested for, you ask? Allegedly abusing his wife, duh. Vote Bradley, you guys. (via Gothamist)

DVR alert (or in my case, torrent alert on Monday) Treme: Alan Sepinwall of the Newark Star Ledger reviews episode one of Treme from The Wire creator, David Simon. Needless to say, we here at OAB (me) are very excited to see how Simon follows up on the greatest television drama of all time with this drama featuring former Wire actors (Bunk and Lester), Matt Sarascen's Mom, and John Goodman among others in post Katrina New Orleans. (via NJ.com)

Nerrddddddddddsssssss getting chubbies, Star Wars burlesque: TTP had a photo of it a while back but now there's video and Sexy Chewie (which makes me feel oddly conflicted), so set phasers to stunning or something. Oh wait, wrong nerd reference. (via Film Drunk)

The Arcade Fire, Spike Jonze collaborate on something
: Word on the street is that the director behind your favorite music video (and a bunch of great films too) has teamed up with your favorite Canadian band for a music video, short film, or possibly world domination. (via Stereogum)

Mr Potatoskin, a pleasure to ea, I mean meet you: Cer Te’s (on 55th btw 5th+6th) has this Sandwich of the Month club and this month, it's the Mr Potatoskin. So throw the concept of bread out the window and get with this chicken cutlet w/ bbq sauce sandwiched between two baked sea salt and vinegar potato skins stuffed with aged cheddar and apple wood smoked bacon. (via Midtown Lunch)

Monday's headline on Friday: F*ckmaster back to F*ck Masters, you heard it here first. (via BWE)

Puddle of Afif
: Out of all the blogs out there in blogland, there's only one that is written by the guy I used to run a pro wrestling gossip site with when we were teenagers, so you should probably read it. Not just because we used to write together about the Ultimate Warrior fake fighting Hulk Hogan at WCW Halloween Havoc '98 but because Afif is the best. (via Puddle of Mudd)
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