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A Pug and Ryan weigh in on Treme

"haruki sure has opinions on treme" (via hipster puppies)

If Haruki, a hipster pug can have an opinion on Treme, so can I. So I watched the 2nd and 3rd episodes tonight, and after episode 2, I'm stealing it from Dan Kois of NY Mag, "I would say I feel about Treme the same way I felt about The Wire after two episodes: I like it, but I don't feel all wrapped up in it yet. That implies I will get all wrapped up in it. I hope that's true." And after episode 3, I'm liking it even more, getting wrapped up in it even more. ALSO, Anwan Glove who played Slim Charles, thug for hire (Barksdale crew, Prop Joe's crew) on The Wire showed up in episode 2 for a second, and it was like we never left that wire tap operation that happened Baltimore for post Katrina, New Orleans.
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