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I WANT THIS: Peanut Butter Oreo Chocolate Balls

(This is why you're fat)

Great! Day Three of the "Lean and Mean" 2010 diet and TIWYF has "Peanut Butter Oreos blended with cream cheese, dipped in chocolate and topped with chopped peanuts and almonds." Just great!

Time Traveling Luda?

(gifs of Popular Rappers)

Alkaline Trio Covers Web In Front


So the AV Club is doing this whole undercover thing where bands take on some of their (and mine) favorite songs. So of course, one of my favorite bands of all time, Alkaline Trio covers one of my favorite songs of all time, Archers of Loaf's Web In Front. So job well done, AV Club.

Gus Johnson versus Skillet, The Bulldog

(via With Leather)

A bulldog humping a stuffed animal with play by play by Gus Johnson? Instant Classic, HAHAHAHA.

Hot blog alert - Obama looks at awesome things

(via Bearsharktopus-man)

A word of advice to Barack, DO NOT FEED HIM AFTER MIDNIGHT!

For the low low price of $900,000, you can advertise on the Lost Finale

"A thirty-second commercial during Lost's three-hour May 23 series finale will set advertisers back between $850,000 and $950,000, a 400 percent increase over the price for one on a regular episode."
(via Vulture)

Can't wait for the return of the Budweiser frogs during the Lost finale.

Saturday Sharing (03/27/10)

(via Gothamist)

Meet Herbie, Prospect Park Zoo's 18 park Rabbit: Just in time for Easter, Zoo-goers can pet Herbie and other critters at weekend afternoon at the Zoo's Live Animals Encounters program. (via Gothamist)

Bouchon Donuts, I'd like to introduce you to my stomach: Must must must go to the Bouchon Bakery and get whatever chocolately outside, vanilla-ey inside doughnut is.(via Blondie and Brownie)

John Cusack and his magical Super Bowl tour: Apparently, Hot Tub Time Machine's (review up at the tumblr) John Cusack did 'shrooms at the Bears/Patriots Super Bowl in the 80s. What a story, Mark.(via Vulture)

I think I need of these of myself for myself: A composite Polaroid portrait, incredible. (via Obsolete)

Neutral Milk Hotel's Jeff Mangum to preform at the Chris Knox benefit: Okay so it's only a "short acoustic set" and it's gonna be $75 bucks a ticket but I'm so considering it. (via Brooklyn Vegan)

The hottest accessory of the spring: The Chicken McNeckace - wear it, eat it, digest it. (via TDW)

Goodbye Spinning Lost logo, Hello Campy 1960s Action/Adventure Intro

Lost vs. Saul Bass from Hexagonall on Vimeo.

(via Vulture)

Doesn't top the "Oh Hello" 1990s Sitcom Intro of Lost but this minimilist '60s action/adventure take isn't half bad.

Soon to be Summer Jam: LCD Soundsystem - Drunk Girls

(via P4K)

Anddddddddd we have the summer jam of 2010! LCD Soundsystem's new record drops May 18th, you and I can't wait.

Pre order the shit out of this - 33 1/3rd Book on Wowee Zowee

“People said Pavement’s gonna be huge. They’re that phantom thing, the Next Nirvana. It had been three years since Nevermind. It seemed like a fucking eternity — a time/space continuum Cobain himself now occupied. A lone voice dissented, a literal whine. It belonged to Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins. Corgan still had that innocent twinkle in his eye but was showing signs of the hubris that would characterize his downfall. Corgan was pissed about the Crooked Rain song “Range Life”, the one that went ‘out on tour with the Smashing Pumpkins, nature kids, I/they don’t have no function, I don’t understand what they mean and I could really give a fuck.’ Corgan always wanted to be huge. He made no bones about that. But about the only thing he had on Kurt success-wise was that he’d porked Courtney Love first. Now Cobain was ashes. An alt-god vacuum opened up. Corgan was willing — eager — to assume the mantle. He was an egotist with a psyche of jiffy-popping insecurities. He didn’t like people who didn’t get where he was coming from. He didn’t like people saying they could give a fuck what he meant. Early on there’d been talk Pavement would play Lollapalooza — with Smashing Pumpkins headlining. Billy pulled rank. He said no way, I’m not playing with Pavement. Those guys are sarcastic. They’re not in this for real. They don’t write personal, emotional music. They don’t make WIDESCREEN ART like me. Billy spilled his beef to the festival brass. He recommended bands he thought would be better. Siamese Dream was a multiplatinum hit. Crooked Rain sales were a blip by comparison. Billy conflated humor with carelessness and units moved with artistic achievement. In the end he got his way. Pavement was shitcanned from the bill."

(via Whatevs (dot org))

Consider the 33 1/3rd book on Pavement's Wowee Zowee by Bryan Charles pre-ordered.*

* What can I say, I'm a sucker for people making Billy Corgan look like the big idiot he probably is. "Michael Jordan of 90's alt rock," my ass.

No need for Bagel Bites anymore, Breakfast Pizza at Pulino's

(via Serious Eats)

Get ready for the new greatest breakfast spot in Manhattan, Pulino's Bar and Pizzeria on Bowery which is all about BREAKFAST PIZZA! Pictured above "the Patate," which features eggs, tenderly cooked potato, sausage, fontina, and green onions on some 'za, so that's going to happen (and by that I mean I'm going to eat it).

Political Apple Banana - Joe Biden House Rock

(via TDW)

You wanted more Richard Alpert?

(via Vulture)

You got it! This time it's a Richard themed slow jam and I'm am wholeheartedly in agreement with these lyrics - "And you can wear the hell out of a button-down/and baby you might be Lost, but shorty I'ma get you found." "

Things you need - Soft Pastel Pet Portraits

(via Etsy)

Custom made soft pastel pet portraits from Poland? No Way! Yes Way!

Things I want tonight - Swashbuckling, chains, eyeliner, and answers!

The Richard Alpert episode of Lost that we've been waiting forever for happens tonight! CAN'T WAIT!

Weekend TV Binges - California Dreams Edition

Watched two discs worth of California Dreams: Season 1 and 2 this weekend and it's been surprisingly solid so far. A couple notes from the my binge....

- While it's cut off from the opening credits, there is a surprisingly awesome Beach Boys-esque harmony in the original version of the greatest television theme of all time.

- Matt Garrison plays The Beach Boys' Surfer Girl at the Sly/Tiffani Surfer Soul Swap Ceremony. Smiles all around.

- In one episode, Matt's crushing on Randi Jo (and she's eventually dates him) and in the next, he's charming on the nerdy judge of the Battle of the Bands and taking her to see U2? Come on, a little continuity here.

- The Soul Swap Ceremony was officiated by Surf Guru played by the Monkees' Peter Tork.

- Sly Winkel owns an amazing amount of brightly blazers, always with the sleeves rolled up no less.

- California Dreams tackles the hard issues - racism, runaway mom's, dad's wanting their son's to play football instead of drumming, and the old two gigs in one night dilemma, little brother's running away for the night.

- Tony Wicks dress like a teenage version of Roy, Kennan Thompson's character from Heavy Weights.

- While Jenny Garrison kind of dresses like every single hipster girl around these days, so I'm glad to see styles are just being recycled from 1990's NBC Saturday Morning TV.

- Ba Boom.

- Posters/stickers spotted in the Garrison garage/Matt's room - The Beatles, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, and The Rolling Stones.

- Four words: Bradley and the Billionaires!

- And so much more, too bad I can't really remember right now so it's a good thing discs 3, 4, and 5 (with Jake Summers!) is on the way soon.

New Jams: The Hold Steady - Hurricane J

Best way to start a week? New Hold Steady! "Hurricane J" off the forthcoming Heaven is Whenever (drops May 4th) is streaming over at Pitchfork.

Saturday Sharing (03/20/10)

I demanded "Madness" and now the "Madness" is now on demand: I think we can all agree that a lot of people had the streaming March Madness On Demand thingy on their work computers (Dennis thinks it's 40 % of the workforce), so on behalf of everyone I'd like to thank the NCAA for the best work day distraction since the office across the street put in that TV with CNBC running on it.(via MMOD)

Here's my yearly "I'm going to SXSW next year" quote: Like you, I would have like to be in Austin this weekend but instead will probably just watch California Dreams on DVD for my hot upcoming bands fix. There's always next year though...(via P4K/Stereogum)

Baked French Toast? Ummm, I'll have two: Little Giant on Orchid Street now offers baked French Toast, if there was ever a reason to go to brunch, this is it.(via Serious Eats)

What's up is now what's down: I never wanted a Giants fitted hat with the logo flipped until now. Also available in Chicago Bulls, Orlando Magic, Boston Celtics, LA Kings, and Oakland Raiders editions. (via CtotheJL)

We all got flaws... LIKE THE MUPPETS: Even as a kid, I always thought Skeeter from the Muppet Babies gave off "I like girls too" vibe. (via MadAtoms)

Time to change out the Gatorade for Ciroc: Rumor has it that Diddy may possibly be being buying in on British Soccer Club, Crystal Palace FC. Needless to say, I'm ecstatic about the possibilities here. (via Vulture)

How to make the Tiger sexts better? Add kittens: How do you get a kitty to purr? Tell them you want to choke them. (via With Leather)

NBA JAM! Boom Shaka Lacka


F*ckin' Internet (or mother f*cking provelone)

the sopranos, uncensored. from victor solomon on Vimeo.

(via Afif)

So I spent almost a half hour of my morning, half paying attention to every single curse uttered during the 6 seasons of The Sopranos. Time well spent if I do say so myself.

Mega Early Halloween Costume Ideas - Prince

We here at OAB (me) love Halloween, and March 18th isn't too early to think about one's costume and I'm already thinking of Purple Rain era Prince.

Count the Cereal Mascots...

(via Amber)

So you could say I like cere... Scratch that, I love cere... Hold on, you know I really love cereal but this bro totally takes my feelings for cereal and breaks it in half and laughs at me for thinking I come close to him on the fans of cereal front.

Of these Clyde Frazier Rhymes, which one are you?

I bought it and you can too. Get it @ Posting and Toasting Store

Mark April 11th on your Palm Pilot - David Simon's Treme

Bunk Moreland? Lester Freeman? Shelby Saracen (or Cassidy Phillips)? All in The Wire creator, David Simon's new series, Treme? Color me excited!

Saturday Sharing (03/13/10)

(via De(B)lo(G)ated)

DVR Alert - Winning Time: Let's revisit my most horrific sports memory as a child as Winning Time about Reggie Miller and the Pacers ripping the heart of Knicks fans everywhere as he scores 25 points in the forth quarter, 8 points in 12 seconds, cut throat gestures, jaw jacks with Spike Lee, and so on and so forth. (via NY Mag - Sports Section)

Bootleggin - Titus Andronicus @ Bowery Ballroom: You already what I think about The Monitor, so if you're with me on that, then you might want to grab this bootleg of Titus's record release show with songs from both the new record and their debut, The Airing of Grievances. (via NYC Taper)

Who's Next?
: Interpret this as you will but according to two time Super Bowl QB, Ben Roethlisberger, you're next. (via KSK)

Pinkerton, The Wine Bar: First, we had the Wilco themed sandwich shop, now a Weezer wine bar? I dig it. (via Grub Street)

Move over Mike, Scottie got kicks too: I had a variation of the Air More Uptempos in 9th grade, and I loved those kicks to death. While I probably won't be wearing this combo of two classic Scottie Pippen sneakers, I liking what Nike did here. (via Sneaker News)

You wanted more Keyboard Cat, you're getting more Keyboard Cat: Play em' off some more, KBC. (via Best Week Ever)

The things the Don Draper doll would do to every occupation Barbie: Okay, if I was a dad and I had a little girl, she would be getting these Mad Men inspired Barbies in a second. Even though I probably have to come to up with an elaborate back story of who these dollies were since I can't imagine letting my kid watch Don Draper finger banging babes until she's like 15. (via Vulture)

Vote for the Delo-CAR-ted 2 before it's too late: I want Jon Glaser's masked face on a stock car, so vote by Monday and my wants may actually come true for once. (via De(B)lo(G)ated)

Detlef Schrempf, Actor

"KenTremendous Also, of all the amazing casting news on #ParksandRec, add this on top: Former NBA star Detlef Schrempf is shooting an episode tomorrow"

Det The Threat and Parks And Rec. Love it!

New to Thursday Nights, Hutts and Recreation

(via Videogum)

So Parks And Recreation which already was the best sitcom on television got even better...

Hot Blog Alert - The Motumblr

If you aren't following Andrew's Motumblr, you should be.

Side note - Rejected mid 90's NBA Center related blogs - Hakeem's Dreams featuring Hakeem Olajuwon sleeping and dreaming, What's Patrick Ewing Doing featuring the day to day activities of Patrick Ewing, and Good Mournings with Alonzo featuring mornings with Alonzo Mourning and a lot of breakfast food.

The National debut 'Terrible Love' on Fallon

OAB most anticipated, High Violet may be still a ways away (drops May 11th) but that didn't stop the National from debuting the opening track, 'Terrible Love' on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night.

Billy Mitchell's Donkey Kong Record broken (but not by Steve Wiebe)

"Dr. Hank Chien, 35, racked up a score of 1,061,700 on the classic arcade video game, smashing the old record by 10,000 points. Chien’s dazzling feat was confirmed by Twin Galaxies, the official score keeper of electronic games."

(via BWE)

Upsetting news guys, the World's Biggest Heel, Billy Mitchell is no longer top dog of Donkey Kong and he wasn't even dethroned by King Of Kong hero, Steve Wiebe, just some Doctor from Queens. One wonders what Billy will do next other than continue to provide "the best damn hot sauce available on the open market."*

* quote provided by Kenny Jimenez

of Montreal - Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast

(via Stereogum)

Like Yo Gabba Gabba, if I ever need advice on how to feel recooperate from being a little under the weather, I go to Kevin Barnes and of Montreal.

Bummer Central - (Old) Yankee Stadium is being torn down

(via The Demolition of Yankee Stadium)

I don't think there's ever been a website name that has bummed me out more than The Demolition of Yankee Stadium. On the bright side though, the somewhat delapatated Stadium has a cool Roman Coliseum vibe going on (for now).

Notorious BIG - Who Shot Ya?

Irony aside, RIP BIG.

Bring It Back - John Oates' Mustache

(via BrooklynVegan)

The Bird & the Bee doing a Hall & Oates tribute record? Awesome. John Oates joining in at a set at the El Rey in LA? Awesome. John Oates' mustacheless and with a soul patch? Not so awesome.

Solvin' Mysteries - The Mystery of the Beardless Pageant Talk Host

The mystery of a beardless Zach Galifiankis (in the ridiculous sketch, Pageant Talk) is a mystery no more.

A S'more Cannoli? Holy Cannoli.

(via Eating in Translation)

If anyone has nothing to do this morning, could you please go to Stuffed Artisan Cannolis on Stanton Street and pick me up 3 dozen of S'Mores cannolis (or any of the other cannolis since they all look incredible).

Saturday Sharing (03/06/10)

(via SarahSpy)

Bring it to New York, the Mc10:35: Secret item on San Francisco area McDonald's, an unholy union of the double cheeseburger and an Egg McMuffin. Consider my curiosity piqued, McDonald's. (via Consumerist)

Looks like professions are being gentrified too: In the market for a hipster bro to clean your house instead of the usual dull housekeepers, this dude has you covered.(via The Hill is Home)

Disney to make Jim Henson biopic, Ryan elated: Really excited for Disney's upcoming film written by Jason Segel and directed by Flight of the Conchords director, James Bobin so double that excitement for the possibility of for the biopic of Muppet Mastermind, Jim Henson.(via Vulture)

VHS and USB are bunch of three letter words: I admit I'm jealous when friends have giant VHS collections, so if they changed up their one of their classic tapes to a USB drive, I'd be even more jealous. (via Like Cool)

Sign the petition - Bring back New York Noise: Pre-hiatus, I'd watch NY Noise for a couple of minutes and watch some jams on WNYE 25 on Sunday nights while not watching "Sports Extra." So sign the petition so I keep my Sunday night combo of sports highlights and indie rock. (via BBNYN)

The Spring Horse Bicycle is among my I WANT THIS for Spring 2010: One of my goals for the Spring 2010 is to learn to ride a bike at age 27. If I acquire this spring horse bicycle, that goal will definitely be achieved. (via SarahSpy)

Fun fact - my Dad has a # 1 Tuna Jets Jersey: You want a gallery of customized sports jerseys? You got it. (via Deadspin)

The Cast of California Dreams re-unite on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Fallon, you did it again. Ba Boom.

The Ultimate Warrior Interview Series: Live! With Regis & Kathie Lee

Remember the bat shit crazy interview I posted with the Ultimate Warrior on Arsenio? Well, here's the complete opposite with the newly crowned champion on Regis & Kathie Lee. Fresh off his big win at Wrestlemania against Hulk Hogan, a docile Warrior Man brings a wrestling buddy for Kathie Lee's son, hypes his cage match at the SummerSlam with Ravishing Rick Rude, and does a half assed Warrior flip out at the end of the interview. Surreal for all the wrong reasons.

Kate Nash - Do Wah Doo

Sound it out - A dor able.

Also pilots high fiving? WHAT UP!

Alley and Ooping with Bill Walker

(via Posting and Toasting)

Go Bill Walker Go Bill Walker Go.

Hey guys, the Waffle Breakfast Sandwich is back

My yearly rendezvous with the Dunkin Donuts Waffle Breakfast Sandwich happened today, and I hate myself for loving you sandwich that replaces bread with waffles.

Tumblin, Tumblin, I be Tumblin

Since everyone needs at least two blogs, check out my tumblr for the answer to the question of “what movie, tv show, book, or record is Ryan watching/reading/listening to ” and “out of 10 what does he think of it.”

Album full of jams: Titus Andronicus - The Monitor

Stream the front runner for album of the year for the (non-existant) 2010 OABs, Titus Andronicus' The Monitor at their myspace.

Re: The "What's Up (or 'sup)" Head Nods

So the Man In Black/Smoke Monster/John Locke is like "sup" and Claire's like "sup." .

Vroom Vroom, Welcome back Baseball

(via The LoHud Yankee Blog)

Nothing says baseball's back like Alfredo "Ace" Aceves on a videogame motorcycle at what seems to be a Dave and Buster's in the Tampa area.

Blueprint of Wayne Manor, Gotham City, USA

(via Boing Boing)

Classic sitcom houses shown in architectural form by Santa Monica Letter Carrier, Mark Bennet.

Lost and Bio-Dome, seperated at birth?

This entry may be a bit of a stretch but about a month ago , I somehow managed to watch the last 25 minutes of the Pauly Shore/Stephen Baldwin classic film, Bio-Dome right before the premiere of Lost. Now maybe it was because I was so psyched for Lost that I saw Lost in everything I watched but I found several similarities between the two that I never realized before. So last week, I decided to re-visit the Bio-Dome and see how similar to it is with Lost. And that being said, here are some of my findings...

13 year old Jams: Notorious Thugs

Weird video mash up aside, the BIG/Bone Thugs collabo Notorious Thugs off Life After Death is the preverbial "what's up" for this Monday.

Recommended Viewing - Never Back Down

For those who like: Workout montages set to TV on the Radio, drunk driving dads, Sassy gay guys who are never seen after the first half hour of the movie, the African guy from Blood Diamond, triangle chokes, villianous dudes associated with Souja Boy, wearing your dead dad's sweatshirt before the big fight, girls named after towns in Mexico, creepy dudes with a video camera, and the punch punch punch round house kick combo.