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Saturday Sharing (2/6/10)

(via Rising Tensions)

The best way to say thank you? It's a RoboCop thank you card, of course: In the year 2013, Detroit, Michigan will be on the verge of collapse due to fianancial ruin and unchecked crime. The only way to save the city, sending thank you cards with RoboCop on it. (via Etsy)

Hot blog alert - Rising Tensions: I'm not exactly sure what's going on with half the posts on Rising Tensions but I like it. (via Rising Tensions)

Rex Ryan may or may not play a huge factor in Sunday's Big Game: I really really hope this isn't the last we see of KSK's Rex Ryan inspired posts now that Football season is coming to a close. But if this is the last one, I will miss you fake Coach Rex Ryan. (via Kissing Suzy Kolber)

My route to work now needs to cross the intersection of Sesame Street and 3rd Avenue: I have a relatively short treck from the train to my office but if I knew muppets were just hanging out on corners, I'd find a way to pass them every single day on my way to work.(via BWE)

Aziz Ansari on NPR: Sometimes I buy tickets the minute they go on sale, sometimes a while and miss out on something real cool. This time I'm missing out on Aziz Ansari doing a bunch of stand up shows at Comix this weekend but I'll always have this interview that he recent did with NPR. (Via Azizisbored)

Radiohead apparently finishes new record, Ryan is already super psyched: I think that little headline says it all but I'm really psyched for the follow up to In Rainbows. (via Stereogum)

Yonkers, New York - the second least drunk place in America: I have absolutely no idea what that means but good for the home of the brave. (via Gothamist)

More Gov Luv with David Patterson: There may or may not be a big expose in the New York Times exposing our coked up, half blind, poon hound of Governor, David Patterson and his wife, Michelle may like to dabble in swinging. (via Animal New York)

I thought my new Giants said "Giants For Life" not "Giants Pro Life": Abortion death squads? Kissing your dad on the lips because it's great being alive? Phil Simms rattling off abortion stats? Tim Tebow got nothing on 1987 Super Bowl Champs. (via The Sporting News)
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