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Saturday Sharing (2/20/10)

Penguins in the Park: Please welcome King Penguins Will, Robert, Lyle and Slappy to the Central Park Zoo.(Via Gothamist)

A brief visit with Michael, Michael, and David: While this quick interview doesn't give any information on the future of the Michaels' show or what's new with Dave Wain, it's always nice to have some Stella in my life. (via YRB Magazine)

Puppies, Ponies, and Light Sabers: The picture over at Gizmodo WAS going to be my photo on top until the Daily News decided to dress Bron Bron in Knicks colors. And as great as a collection of adorable and/or deadly toys, there are only a handful of things that I want more than Lebron James as a New York Knick come this summer. (via Gizmodo)

A serious take on Johnny's Pizzeria: Truth be told, I grew up eating Johnny's Pizza in Mount Vernon, NY as it's to this day my father's holy grail of Pizza. While I wouldn't go as far as Patty D when it comes to loving it, both I and Serious Eats think it's pretty good, I'd go 8.5 out 10. (via Serious Eats)

Video Hits One - Passion Pit's Little Secrets video : Any other week, this would be the music video of the week with this jam off of Manners turning a bunch your paper bag frown upside down but Vampire Weekend had to go and recruit every celeb that you wouldn't associate them with in the video for Giving Up the Gun. (via Stereogum)

Kick Ass looks like it'll um kick ass: So if you think McLovin, Nicholas Cage, a 13 year old girl, and some kid named Aaron Johnson in some movie about vigilante super heroes is a rad idea, I'd have to agree with you. (via Vulture)
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