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Saturday Sharing (2/13/10)

(via Hipster Puppies)

Meat is Murder turns 25: There's a certain feeling that comes across when you hear such and such album is so and so many years old, I'm having that feeling right now with The Smiths' sophomore record, Meat is Murder. Granted it's bounces between my third or forth favorite out of the four Smiths records aka one least or second favorite but c'mon it's the Smiths. Johnny Marr teamed with Moz could never do wrong in my eyes. (via Stereogum)

Sad Sad Snow Men: A friend of mine sent me a text about building a Snowman in her yard and how she figured her landlord would be pissed, and I response I asked who could be pissed about Snowmen because well, they are awesome But infairness, if her Snowmen looked like anyone of these, I could see being well not pissed but kind of depressed. (Via Urquelesqe)

I got the test results back, I definitely love these valentines: Videogum is great, the Videogum commentators are generally great, and these valentines made by them are great too. Whole lot of great for your V-Day with these pop culture themed cards. (via Videogum)

Japandroids - Art Czars: Instead of a traditional follow up to Post-Nothing, Japandroids are putting out five 7' Inches out. And the first song from the series, Art Czar is as expected, a jam. (via Vulture)

Robots! Robots!: Everyone's favorite dude, Andrew posted this but I was too enamored with this collection of Robots by Michael Rivamonte not to share them on this Saturday. (via Gizmodo)

Sweat pants but for your feet: These sweat pant inspired Chuck Taylors look like the most comfortable sneakers ever, so please buy me a pair in size 13. (via Sneaker News)

More Chuck related clothing: So Chuck Norris put out a line of "Action Jeans" for the martial artist in his heyday, and while I'm not a martial artist or a stunt man, I kind of want them. (via Sarah Spy)

Puppies that are hipsters, hipsters that are also puppies: When I heard about this site, I was like oh that's kind of dumb. But after going to it a couple times, I'm praying for a book deal. (via Hipster Puppies)
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