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Saturday Sharing (2/27/10)

(via Serious Eats New York)

Unlikely Senator 1, Senator Baldwin?
: In response to the question if he'd ever consider running for public office, Alec Baldwin replied with "maybe." In response to what Washington needs, Ryan replies with Senator Jack Donaghy. (via Gothamist)

Squirrel at Shake Shack has superior taste to the Squirrel I saw at McDonald's circa 2000: Back in Gorton High School, me and Afif along with 3 other dudes were in this group dubbed by one of guidance counselors as "The Breakfast Club" because we'd always "illegally" leave campus to go to Dunkin Donuts or McDonalds or wherever and get breakfast during third period since we didn't have class. Now one time, when we got McDonald's breakfast and discarded a half of a hash brown near the garbage, and a squirrel picked it up and started eating it. We thought that was pretty cool but in retrospect not as cool as this "ravenous" squirrel who was at Shake Shack yesterday. (via Serious Eats New York)

Prince - Cause and Effect: Hear this ridiculous new Prince song (with fake crowd noise and rockabilly guitar riffs) and get effected or affected by it, I always confuse those two homonyms. (via Pitchfork)

Super Bowl XLVIII festivities, here we come: Rumor has it that new Meadowlands stadium (still without a name) is the front runner for the "big game" in 2014. Pretty nice, except for the fact that they'll be like Super Bowl XLVIII in New York, New York (with Empire State of Mind as it's theme) except it's in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (via Sports Section of NY Mag)

Meet Giant George, the 7' foot Great Dane: Now you see this and are all like "obviously photoshopped" but it's apparently legit. Crazy! (via Best Week Ever)

Unlikely Senator 2 - Senator Dikembe Mutumbo
: Mutumbo Wednesday meet Mutombo Saturday! The most dominant shot blocker becomes the most dominant legislative bill blocker. (via The Onion)

25 of the Ultimate New York Songs on the Ultimate New York Playlist: So of the songs listed I'd vote for a 5 way tie between LCD Soundsystem's “New York, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down,”/Biggie's "Juicy"/Simon and Garfunkel's "Only Living Boy in New York/The Wu-Tang Clan's "C.R.E.A.M" and Velvet Underground's "I'm Waiting for the Man" for first place. (via Vulture)

The most intriguing mystery of the week, John Clayton's ponytail: ESPN football analyst, John Clayton may or may not have a ponytail. You decide! (via Deadspin)

Where did I put my Pavement tickets?: Chuck Klosterman's interview with Pavement's Stephen Malkmus was my favorite article of the week mostly because of all the talk Malkmus' fantasy teams. But yeah, Pavement, whooo, those Central Park shows are still just 6 months away. (via GQ)

La Blogotheque Jams: I'm From Barcelona - We're From Barcelona

Kinda old but still awesome.

Things I'm Thinking About - Naps

(via KSK)

Since there's like two feet of snow outside of my apartment, I like Randy Moss will be doing a lot of thinking about (and possibly partaking in) naps today.

Michael and WALLTTTTTTTTTT on Chat Roulette

(via Paul Scheer)

I don't know about you but if we don't get some sort of chat roulette meeting between Michael and Walt in one of the last 12 episodes of Lost, I'll be thoroughly disappointed.

I wanna have a romantic weekend with the Mountain Harbor Inn Brownie Stack

(via This Is Why You're Fat)

Apparently, there's a bed and breakfast in Tennessee that serves this 4 inch thick chocolate brownie, covered in hot fudge sauce, whipped cream dish of awesomeness. Not gonna lie but I'd eat like 5 of these in one sitting.

Replace the shotgun with a camera. Replace the trench coat with a flannel.

(via Terry's Diary)

How different would The Wire be if Omar Little dressed as mega famous fashion photographer, Terry Richardson? Oh, indeed.

I WANT THIS: Honda's battery-powered 3R-C concept trike

(via Gizmodo)

Two words to describe this futuristic concept trike that will probably never see the light of day - bad, ass. Two more words - enviromentally, friendly.

Quality Advice from the Internet

(via TDW)

Three components of a good breakfast - An orange, an apple, and a banana. Eat up, people.

Kitty wanna be a Thug

"Upcoming Date/Wedding/Bar Mitzvah/Urb Awards? Ironic hipster? 12 year-old from the suburbs?

Need a forever home for one pair of (size unknown) Tupac sneakers. Left in home by drunkard ex roommate. Some suspicious matter compressed in left heel.

Will be in street after rain stops. Email for details.

Ambitionz a ridah"

(via Craigslist)

Tupac sneakers? Maybe. Thugged out Kitty? YES!

Jay Leno, Creep.

(via HuffPo)

The Latest in Pizza Technology - Pizza Cones

(via Midtown Lunch)

K! Pizzacone is on 319 5th Avenue between 32nd and 33rd, try it on your own accord.

Saturday Sharing (2/20/10)

Penguins in the Park: Please welcome King Penguins Will, Robert, Lyle and Slappy to the Central Park Zoo.(Via Gothamist)

A brief visit with Michael, Michael, and David: While this quick interview doesn't give any information on the future of the Michaels' show or what's new with Dave Wain, it's always nice to have some Stella in my life. (via YRB Magazine)

Puppies, Ponies, and Light Sabers: The picture over at Gizmodo WAS going to be my photo on top until the Daily News decided to dress Bron Bron in Knicks colors. And as great as a collection of adorable and/or deadly toys, there are only a handful of things that I want more than Lebron James as a New York Knick come this summer. (via Gizmodo)

A serious take on Johnny's Pizzeria: Truth be told, I grew up eating Johnny's Pizza in Mount Vernon, NY as it's to this day my father's holy grail of Pizza. While I wouldn't go as far as Patty D when it comes to loving it, both I and Serious Eats think it's pretty good, I'd go 8.5 out 10. (via Serious Eats)

Video Hits One - Passion Pit's Little Secrets video : Any other week, this would be the music video of the week with this jam off of Manners turning a bunch your paper bag frown upside down but Vampire Weekend had to go and recruit every celeb that you wouldn't associate them with in the video for Giving Up the Gun. (via Stereogum)

Kick Ass looks like it'll um kick ass: So if you think McLovin, Nicholas Cage, a 13 year old girl, and some kid named Aaron Johnson in some movie about vigilante super heroes is a rad idea, I'd have to agree with you. (via Vulture)

Vampire Weekend - Giving Up The Gun

(via Spinner)

Whaaaaaaaaa? RZA, Lil' Jon, a Jonas bro, and Jake Gyllenhaal? You crazy Vampire Weekend, crazy. Contra has been out for a while now, so I'm assuming y'all already have listened to it 70 billion times already.

New Jams: Broken Social Scene - World Sick

(via Pitchfork)

Listen to World Sick, a track off Broken Social Scene's upcoming record, Forgiveness Rock Record over at Pitchfork. At 6:53 and described as epic, it continues to be all kinds of great on the 5th listen.

"Give Lost a Chance"

(via Ack Attack)

John and Yoko's bed-in reimagined with Lost's Lennon and Dogen.

Where's Raaaaaaaandy's mixtape at?

(via Aziz is Bored)

For reasons I don't even know of, I'm really looking forward to the Raaaaaaaaandy/Dave Sitek mixtape. Lets hope it comes out before February of 2012.

Rate My Professor: If Flight 815 Never Crashed Edition

"Ben Linus, European History."

Dear Lost,
Never change.
Your friend,

Note to self - Do not mess with an Old Dude in a Fanny Pack. Ever.

(via Animal New York)

Old Dudes in Fanny Packs. Black Dudes getting bloodied up. Houston Texans hats. Cute hipster girls looking on. Shit gets real on AC Transit.

Jams - Solange/Dirth Projectors - Tell Me

(via Stereogum)

Remember Groove Theory's Tell Me? Kinda? Yeah, me too. So anyway, Solange Knowles joined The Dirty Projectors for 2009 superjam, Stillness is the Move at some super important Fashion Week thing thing. More importantly, they continued the collaboration with a cover of the aforementioned Groove Theory song.

Can you spare a Penny?

(via Fuck Yeah Lost)

A Dream No Longer

A dream of several years has been achieved, as I am now the owner of one of these fine jerseys! Take a wild guess which jersey...

Hey look, it's Snowing some more

Brooklyn Snow Storm (and Melting) Time Lapse from John Huntington on Vimeo.

(via Gothamist)

Guess what people from New York who happen to read this New York based blog - More snow tonight! Like seriously, I'm over you winter.

Things from 1984 - Prince rehearses When Doves Cry

(via Ted Leo's Twitter)

So this is what it looks like when Prince rehearses When Doves Cry in 1984 - Grainy, Black and White, and a stationary camera. See more at The Daily Swarm before Price swoops down for his luxury box at the Metrodome and removes these from the internet.

Late Lost post - Aldo, We hardly knew you

Totally forgot to talk about this last week but without a doubt the highlight of last week's episode of Lost, What Kate Does was the return of the my favorite Other, It's Always Sunny's Rob "Mac" McElhenney's Aldo. It's really a shame that crazy new Rosseau, Claire had to kill him.

Saturday Sharing (2/13/10)

(via Hipster Puppies)

Meat is Murder turns 25: There's a certain feeling that comes across when you hear such and such album is so and so many years old, I'm having that feeling right now with The Smiths' sophomore record, Meat is Murder. Granted it's bounces between my third or forth favorite out of the four Smiths records aka one least or second favorite but c'mon it's the Smiths. Johnny Marr teamed with Moz could never do wrong in my eyes. (via Stereogum)

Sad Sad Snow Men: A friend of mine sent me a text about building a Snowman in her yard and how she figured her landlord would be pissed, and I response I asked who could be pissed about Snowmen because well, they are awesome But infairness, if her Snowmen looked like anyone of these, I could see being well not pissed but kind of depressed. (Via Urquelesqe)

I got the test results back, I definitely love these valentines: Videogum is great, the Videogum commentators are generally great, and these valentines made by them are great too. Whole lot of great for your V-Day with these pop culture themed cards. (via Videogum)

Japandroids - Art Czars: Instead of a traditional follow up to Post-Nothing, Japandroids are putting out five 7' Inches out. And the first song from the series, Art Czar is as expected, a jam. (via Vulture)

Robots! Robots!: Everyone's favorite dude, Andrew posted this but I was too enamored with this collection of Robots by Michael Rivamonte not to share them on this Saturday. (via Gizmodo)

Sweat pants but for your feet: These sweat pant inspired Chuck Taylors look like the most comfortable sneakers ever, so please buy me a pair in size 13. (via Sneaker News)

More Chuck related clothing: So Chuck Norris put out a line of "Action Jeans" for the martial artist in his heyday, and while I'm not a martial artist or a stunt man, I kind of want them. (via Sarah Spy)

Puppies that are hipsters, hipsters that are also puppies: When I heard about this site, I was like oh that's kind of dumb. But after going to it a couple times, I'm praying for a book deal. (via Hipster Puppies)

Potential Birthday Gift - A Pet Capybara

(via BWE)

The big 27 is on Sunday and if you still haven't gotten me anything, please get me a Capybara or the Isaiah "JR" Rider or Harold Miner jerseys that I hoped would be available when for my 10th, 11th, and 12th birthdays after the slam dunk contests of the 1993 through 1995 NBA All Star Weekends.

If you weren't pumped for the Olympics, get ready to be

(via Animal New York)

I'm wasn't all "Winter Olympics? Let's do this thing" until the moment I saw this poster. LETS GO AMERICA!

Lee Bretschneider: “Lost Valentine’s Day Cards”

(via Adventuring Company)

As men, I think we're all looking for the Kate to our Jack. Or the Alex to our Carl. Or the Claire to our Charlie. Or the Shannon to our Sayid. Or Annie to our Ben. Or Shannon to our Boone. Or the Juliete to our Sawyer. Or Charlotte to our Faraday. Or the Sun to our Jin. Or the Libby to our Hurley. Or the Rose to our Bernard. Or the Penny to our Desmond. Or the Or the Kate to our Sawyer.

Would you brave the weather for Shake Shack?

(via A Hamburger Today)

Okay if I was in Manhattan today, Shake Shack may have been an option.

Winter Olympics - Get pysched!

(via Deadspin)

Pedobear and his gang of mascots are ready for all sorts of underage Olympians.

Live Jams - The Eels - I could never take the place of your man (Prince)

I was going to post the original version of this song by Prince but he's gone all crazy and removed most of the audio from youtube clips of his songs and I kind of believe that it's in fact Prince searching on youtube in the middle of the night to find his copyrighted material but that's neither here nor there. But here's the Eels cover of Prince's I Cover Never Take The Place Of Your Man off of Sign “☮” the Times which if you count my last.fm/my unsynched ipod/youtube/and the lala link above, I've listened to 18 times in the last day or two. Also the Eels cover has strings which is pretty too.

Working out for the three b's - Babes, Bikes, and Biceps

So I'm on day 54 of my 100 day burpee challenge based on 2009 100 Day Burpee Challenge and I'm half way towards getting lean and mean BUT after watching the Big Poppa Pump Freakout Workout or whatever it's called, I think I may be changing up the routine. Seriously because I can totally do curls where you replace dumb bells with tires and shouting girls names (and the girl he didn't forget about) while working your arms, right?

Bringing it back - Saved By The Bell Mysteries

A long time ago, this was one of the best things on the Internet. A long time since then, it still is.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Drew Brees! (said like Steve Holt)

(via Deadspin)

Looks like a the Super Bowl MVP trophy is now a baby with the MVP's jersey on it and some state of the art ear muffs, congratulations Drew Brees.

Other highlights of the 5th annual Cheap Beer Even Cheaper Pizza Super Bowl Party -
- A tall tale of Justin rapping to "Peter" Townsend of the Who on the phone.
- A small tale of Nicholas Paty dancing with Snooki of The Jersey Shore, and living to tell about it.
- The Museum Middle School Year Book, Class of 1998
- Riha's unbridled hate for Oprah Winfrey.
- Domino's new spicey pizza crust.

Live Jams: Atlas Sound - Walkabout

From the show I attended on Wednesday night at The Bell House. After watching, go download the set at NYCTaper.

Super Bowl XLIV

(via Nixon The Hand)

Centaur Drew Brees! Peyton with a giant sword! GET PUMPED!

Saturday Sharing (2/6/10)

(via Rising Tensions)

The best way to say thank you? It's a RoboCop thank you card, of course: In the year 2013, Detroit, Michigan will be on the verge of collapse due to fianancial ruin and unchecked crime. The only way to save the city, sending thank you cards with RoboCop on it. (via Etsy)

Hot blog alert - Rising Tensions: I'm not exactly sure what's going on with half the posts on Rising Tensions but I like it. (via Rising Tensions)

Rex Ryan may or may not play a huge factor in Sunday's Big Game: I really really hope this isn't the last we see of KSK's Rex Ryan inspired posts now that Football season is coming to a close. But if this is the last one, I will miss you fake Coach Rex Ryan. (via Kissing Suzy Kolber)

My route to work now needs to cross the intersection of Sesame Street and 3rd Avenue: I have a relatively short treck from the train to my office but if I knew muppets were just hanging out on corners, I'd find a way to pass them every single day on my way to work.(via BWE)

Aziz Ansari on NPR: Sometimes I buy tickets the minute they go on sale, sometimes a while and miss out on something real cool. This time I'm missing out on Aziz Ansari doing a bunch of stand up shows at Comix this weekend but I'll always have this interview that he recent did with NPR. (Via Azizisbored)

Radiohead apparently finishes new record, Ryan is already super psyched: I think that little headline says it all but I'm really psyched for the follow up to In Rainbows. (via Stereogum)

Yonkers, New York - the second least drunk place in America: I have absolutely no idea what that means but good for the home of the brave. (via Gothamist)

More Gov Luv with David Patterson: There may or may not be a big expose in the New York Times exposing our coked up, half blind, poon hound of Governor, David Patterson and his wife, Michelle may like to dabble in swinging. (via Animal New York)

I thought my new Giants said "Giants For Life" not "Giants Pro Life": Abortion death squads? Kissing your dad on the lips because it's great being alive? Phil Simms rattling off abortion stats? Tim Tebow got nothing on 1987 Super Bowl Champs. (via The Sporting News)

Coming soon to Fox - When Half Robot/Half Animals attack

(via Animal New York)

So if this World Wildlife Federation ad are any indication - I believe that sometime in the future, the Earth will be overrun by half animals/half machine hybrids such as this Parakeet will rule the Earth. In the event of the human race losing the Cyborgiminals/Human War of 2064, I'm going to say that I've always loved animals and I wish for forgiveness for what my father's friend, Teddy did to my bird, Noel when I was a child and wished it never happened.

Goodbye Giants Stadium, I will kind of/sort of miss you

(via With Leather)

Best way to destroy your football team's stadium? According the dramatized picture above, I'd say an act of God.

Pizza March Madness > Regular March Madness

(via Grub Street)

New life goal - Eat at all 64 of the pizzerias mentioned in this March Madness Pizza tournament. Possibly a play in Pizzeria or two?

Fake Mustaches of Yesteryear - Bobby Valentine

Not to steal a Andrew's "Cool Mustaches of Yesteryear" feature but how awesome was Bobby V's fake mustache/sunglasses from June of '99? Pretty awesome, right? Right! So I give to you the "you are outtttta here."

When's Kenny Powers showing up on the Island?


Moreso than Charlie Widmore being on Flight of the Conchords, Dustin Powers (the guy not Kenny Fucking Powers in the second picture) showing up on Lost as an Other named Lennon is all kinds of WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTT*?

* Not to be confused with "WALLLLLLLLLLLTTTTTTTT," btw where are my Walt answers, people?

Unlikely Collaborations - Kanye West and Brian Wilson

(via Hipster Runoff)

Mr. West meet Mr. Wilson, Mr. Wilson meet Mr. West. And yes, We are the World, We are the Children.

Last Lost post, I promise!

Benjamin Linus - "What about me?"

Jacob - "What about you?"

I finished my tour de force watching of seasons 1 through 5 of Lost last night around 11:30, and I don't know if it was because I watched over 100 episodes of Lost in a little over a month but the scene between Ben, Jacob, and "John Locke" from season 5's finale, The Incident was just so spin chillingly amazing that it kept me up like a kid on Christmas.

Beach Boys - Surfin' Safari

Nothing says "trying to pretend it's warm outside on February 2 when it's brick city cold" than listening to the Beach Boys.

Groundhog Day will never be the same

Faraday - Constants. Varibles. Groundhogs. Lost is back tonight, you guys!

Hey Kenny Rogers, Only 30 something hours till Lost

Watch these videos of every single wisecracking nickname to come out of the mouth of James "Jim "Sawyer" Lafleur" Ford's over and over again, and then it'll be time for Lost on Tuesdayu night.

Newest food obsession - Nutella Filled Donuts

(via Dessert Buzz)

Brioche doughnut holes with Nutella filling? Time to get myself down to DessertTruck Works like now.

One more day! One more day!

(via Videogum)

One more day to Lost! One more day!