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SNL Digital Short - The Curse

One word - Sergio. Two words - Digital Short. Three words - Sexy Sax Man.

Saturday Sharing (1/30/10)

I did it a billion times on RBI Baseball on Nintendo: 2kSports is offering a million dollars for the person to pitch a perfect game on their upcoming baseball game, MLB 2K10, I just hope that they don't go to the lengths of Billy Mitchell's minions at Twin Galaxies to verify the perfect game. (Via Gizmodo)

Lost fans, let's play a game of self control: So the first five minutes of the Tuesday's premiere of season 6 somehow leaked to the internet, can you go till Tuesday without watching it? Semi-related, I dreamed of watching Lost and eating pizza last night, I think I will attempt to fullfil that prophecy today. (Via Dark UFO)

I'm From Barcelona - 27 Songs: My favorite Swedish twee band consisting of 27 members returns with their latest record, triple album 27 Songs with a play out of the KISS playbook (sort of). On the follow up to Who Killed Harry Houdini?, each member of the band has their own solo song and over the next month, each song will be up for download on IFB's website. (via I'm From Barcelona)

More LOST - Ack Attack's Top 100 Lines of Lost: You read Ack Attack, the website with the witty captions relating to Lost, right? If you don't, start with this top 100 quotes article and work yourself backwards (or forwards) and thank my later for all your laughter. (Via Ack Attack)

Our prayers have been answered - Jersey Shore 2 is a go: Thank god, Jersey Shore 2 is a go with our all favorites re-signing with MTV. The big question is not where but when is Jersey Shore? You see, Jersey Shore 2 will see Paulie D, JWoww, Vinnie, Ronnie, Sammie Sweetheart, and Snooki travel through time after The Situation moves Seaside after Angelina sends a bunch of people on a freighter to destroy The Shore.(via Vulture).

Just in time for the Pro Bowl, NFL draft talk: ESPN Draft guru, Mel Kiper addresses the needs of my New York Giants. Defense! Defense! Defense! (Via Giants Football Blog)

I thought I was best friend's with Beer

(via Etsy)

Also known as a chocolate chip pecan pretzel cookie, this cookie is the perfect combo of salty and sweet. This order contains a dozen salty chocolaty cookies.

Generally speaking, I would think some sort of buffalo wing or pizza would be beer's best friend but who I am to argue with idea of a chocolate chip pecan pretzel cookie?

Things you should be doing tonight - Watching The Room

The Room is playing in actual, honest to goodness movie theater in New York tonight and of course, I'm going. I hope you are too.

Wait, you're telling me that Tony Soprano is the voice of one of the Wild Things?


Okay, we know that the common bond between Where The Wild Things Are and The Sopranos is James Ganolfini... Let's take it one step further and have the character, Tony Soprano voice WTWTA's Carol.

Breaking out Brian's Bear Noise for this

(via Gothamist)

The Wildlife Conservation Society announced the debut of three young orphaned brown bears and one young grizzly bear, recently rescued in Alaska and Montana. WCS's Jim Breheny reports back that “all four bear cubs are healthy and adjusting quickly to their new surroundings... We are happy to provide a home for these beautiful animals that would not have been able to survive in the wild without their mothers.”

Move over Puppy Cam, you got some competition for adorable animal related content on the internet.

The Last American Born Caucasian All Star

The Cornrowed, Brad Miller in 2004. Let's break the streak, D-Lee.

St. Vincent & Justin Vernon - Harvest Moon

(via P4K)

Since Saturday night's Haiti Benefit and Songer Singwriter's cover of Harvest Moon, I've been on a big Neil Young kick - So thanks St. Vincent and Justin Vernon.

Alternate Endings to Season 4 of Lost

Okay, so I'm 4 seasons down on my crazy "Watch every season of Lost before Season 6 starts" plan and I couldn't forgot about the alternate endings of Season 4's finale regarding who exactly was that mysterious Jeremy Bentham in that casket that Grunge Jack was all jear-y over in the Season 3 finale. Granted Locke being in the casket was probably the right move in hind sight but I would have gone ape shit if either Sawyer of Desmond were the ones who made Jack go all "We have to go back" to Kate in part 2 of Through the Looking Glass. BTWs people, expect lots of Lost related content in the upcoming days leading up to the Season 6 premiere, following the premeire and all the way till the Lost finale in May.

500 Orange(s) Apple(s) and Banana(s)

We (me) here at OrangeAppleBanana.com (Bet you didn't know it was a registered domain! It is though!) would like you to thank you for your continued support of the blog and for reading the musings of that dimwit in the flannel shirt with the beard and glasses over there in the Polaroid. To 500 more!

The Dharma Initiative's Rapid Transit System

(via Mike Binos)

Can I borrow a remix?

Remix of Kirk Van Houten's demo of Can I Borrow a Feeling from one of my all time favorite episodes of The Simpsons, A Milhouse Divided.

It is a monstrous 3D Event with a Pug!

(via FuckYeahPugs)

Pugs. 3D Glasses. I love it.

Oh My, Eff Tackle.

(via KSK)

Things you should do this afternoon - watch this video of Vikings' fan's freakout as Brett Favre throws an interception on what could be his last pass ever. For even more fun, watch this video in multiple browser tabs for a crazy echo.

Haiti Benefit with a whole bunch people who's Stand up/Music you should enjoy

(photo by Paul Birman, via BrooklynVegan)

So Saturday night's Bowery Presents/BrooklynVegan benefit for Haiti happened, and it was all and all a great time. The stand up of Zach Galifianakis, Janeane Garofalo, and Wyatt Cenac was terrific. The sets of John Shade, Britt Daniel, St. Vincent, Justin Vernon, My Brightest Diamond (with an excellent cover of Prince's "How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore" and Songer Singwriter (Justin Vernon/St Vincent/Brad from Megafaun supergroup) with Neil Young, Tom Petty, Dolly Parton, and Annie Lennox Covers. All and all, a great evening for a greater cause.

Saturday Sharing (1/23/10)

We all watched it, but here's a live blog recap: In case you decided to socialize with people instead of watching the Late Shift on DVD/Conan's final Tonight Show, here's Vulture's recap of the show. Fun fact according to Questlove's twitter, Max Weinberg and The Tonight Show band playing Lovely Rita as Tom Hank's walk on music cost roughly $500,000. (via Vulture)

Bear Sharks: We've reached the peak of evolution. (via UN)

A bread bowl if the bowl was a mug and the bread was cookie: As much as I enjoy this concept, is it fiscally responsible to keep eating your mug after you finish your tea? (via Green Your Life)

So they've met before...:: We all heard Tom Hanks' little andectote of the Boiler Room Boys (Conan, Robert Smigel, Bob Odenkirk) on Conan's last Tonight Show, and all of us wanted more stories and/or photo evidence of Conan in the 80s, but no dice. But footage from when Hanks joined the 5 timer club on SNL in 1990 has surfaced, and who opened the door to that club - Bob Odenkirk. (via Joe Adalian's Twitter)

And I had Cocoa Puffs for breakfast today
: A top 11 list of the most depressing cereals, I have had 3.5 of these cereals - Corn Flakes, Grape Nuts, and different variations of Kashi Go Lean (CRUNCH), Total, and Chex. (via Yes But No But Yes)

Dreams do come true, the Poochinski pilot: A little bit ago, I put up a link to a preview for Poochinski pilot, a 1990ish sitcom with the premise of Peter Doyle's Cop character being murdered and reincarnated as a Bulldog. Well, the pilot surfaced and I can't do it justice, so watch it like now. (via Warming Glow)

It really is like picking my favorite child: Just so you don't need to go though pages of comments, my top 3 quotes from The Jersey Shore - 1. "You know what? You're excluded from dinner, then. You're excluded from Surf-and-Turf Night. You're excluded from Ravioli Night. You're excluded from Chicken-Cutlet Night." - Mike "The Situation", 2. "Gym, tanning, laundry. You know, that's how they, like, make the guidos." - Vinny,, 3. Tie - "I don't understand that religion, what it is. I just wanna get to the business."/"She's mad weird, that chick." - Pauly D (via Vulture)

The Jersey Shore is Dead! Long Live the Jersey Shore!

(Soundboard at Complex)

Okay, so the Jersey Shore finale wasn't everything we hoped and dream it would be BUT at least we have this soundboard to preserve all the fond memories that The Situation, Paulie D, Snookie et al gave us over the 9 episodes, 2 after shows, and 1 reunion.

Pepsi Colas of the world - UNITE!

(via Paxton Holley)

Varities of Pepsi's from the world over - Pepsi Holiday Spice, Holiday Spice, Raging Razzberry, Strawbery Burst, Crystal Pepsi, Diet Crystal Pepsi, Pepsi Cream, Pepsi Next, Pepsi Fire, Pepsi Ice, Pepsi Ice Cucumber!

The Beatles (1963-1966)

(via SarahSpy)

Check it out, The Beatles’ graphically-charted working schedule between 1963-1966. Kind of impressive, right? On the topic of The Beatles, Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers, the album of Wu Tang acapellas over beats made with samples of Beatles songs lived up to all my high expectations and then some. Seriously stop what you're doing and listen to it right now because it's that good.

Coyot, Coyote In the City

"Last year a "coyote hybrid" was spotted in Queens, and now residents in Harlem have their own wily creature roaming the streets. CNN reports that Wednesday morning, around 9:30 a.m., some frightened locals called in a sighting to the NYPD. An emergency service unit was sent to track the animal down, and they cornered her in Trinity Cemetery on 155th and Broadway, where she was tranquilized...

... This is actually the third coyote that has been seen in the last 10 years," and he believes they make their way from Westchester down the Amtrak rail corridor, or swim down the Hudson. One local Twittered, "they callin it a coyote but i know better that was a harlem rat."

(via Gothamist)

It's 2010, Robot technology has not advanced as Little Ryan hoped it would

(via Gizmodo)

No offense, Mahru-Z but the robot butler I envisioned (Rosie from the Jetsons but way better) when I was 8 is not you. So get to it Japan and science guys everywhere and make me a robot that I could be proud to call my own.

Okay, this photo from the Onion is freaking me out a little

(via The Onion)

As usual the Onion is it's great self with this article about one roommate's struggle to figure out his roommate's work schedule BUT the photo of the aforementioned roommate looks way too much like me for my liking sans glasses. So whoever you are Ryan doppleganger, I know you're out there and I hope you're as great as I think you are.

Los Campesinos - Romance Is Boring

Romance Is Boring by Los Campesinos! from Los Campesinos! on Vimeo.

(via Stereogum)

Video from the title track of Los Camps! forth coming new record, Romance is Boring.

These are my kind of Friends

(via It's Always Sunny Tumblr)

Charlie, Dennis, Frank, Mac, and Sweet Dee or Rachel, Ross etc? Yeah, I'm going with the It's Always Sunny gang.

This guitar has to be worth at least a million dollars

(Via BrooklynVegan)

Okay so the dude from the Beets has The Million Dollar Man, Ted Dibiase drawn on his guitar? I think I have a new favorite band based on that and that alone.

I'm blaming Nate Kaeding's helmet for those 3 missed field goals

(via KSK)

Jet fans, appreciate Nate Kaeding and his ridiculously over sized helmet after Jets upset the Chargers in the AFC Divisional Round Playoffs. Because next week, Rex and the gang takes on Peyton Manning and his robe and slippies for a shot at the Super Bowl.

Saturday Sharing (1/16/10)

(via The Daily What)

What to do when you're not watching football this weekend? We here at OAB (me) have an affinity for sketch comedies that aired on MTV... One of those said sketch comedies is Human Giant featuring Aziz Ansari, Paul Scheer, and Rob Huebel and Comedy Central is running a marathon tomorrow morning from 8:30 AM to 12 PM that I'll be DVRing the shit out of (because MTV never put Season 2 out on DVD) in anticipation for Aziz's stand up special, Intimate Moments For A Sensual Evening that you should be DVRing the shit out of (if you haven't set the DVR already). (via Aziz is Bored)

Oh Jay-Z, you and you're sneaky diss lines aren't getting past me: We are all in agreement that the greatest "diss" song ever is either Hova's Takeover or Tupac's Hit Em Up and since Pac hasn't been making music in a while since the whole being dead thing here are bunch of little lines that Jay-Z has sprinkled over the years taking shots here and there at a myriad of others ranging from Mase, Dame Dash, Cam'ron, and Lil' Wayne. (via Complex)

Things to pre-order - Titus Andronicus' The Monitor: So the new Titus Andronicus record leaked yesterday and HOLY SHIT, is it good. The somewhat concept record loosely based on the Civil War is "on the internet" if you know what I mean - so find it, download it, pre-order it, get your hands on it and listen to it because it's really really good. (via Insound)

Poise, poise, poise, and more poise: We get it media, Mark Sanchez has poise and his poise (or lack there of) will make of break the New York Jets in their divisional round game against the San Diego Super Chargers. (via Deadspin)

Combining things I love - Lost and Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches: How would Shepard et al. make their PB&Js? Well, the answers are finally here. Speaking of answers - two and half weeks till Season 6, y'all. (via Examiner)

Our late night nightmare is almost over, kind of
: We've been over and over this all week long BUT the end is near. Well, until Jay comes back to The Tonight Show (boo) and when Coco ends up where ever he's supposed to end up (yay!) but the end is kind of near. (via Vulture)

HOT 3 Ways - Franco, Lemon, and Kimiko

(via Videogum)

Yeah, James Franco is on a Michael Jordan circa 1996 level with his meta casting as of late. Who would have ever thought that Daniel Desario from Freaks and Geeks would be my favorite actor in 2010?

Just in time for the divisional round of the NFL playoffs

(via TDW)

Sausage football, hut hut hike into my stomach.

Where's Little Vinnie?

(via Videogum)

"What's your favorite color?" Lil' Jersey Shore brings all kinds of muppet babies level adorableness.

Your Walt Frazier Fact for 01/14/10

"At one point in the second quarter, a tangent about bowling led Walt Frazier to reveal that he has twin sisters, both of whom have bowled scores of 300. First of all, Clyde has twin sisters? Are they named Huffing and Stuffing? Second of all, perfect games!?"

(via Posting And Toasting)

Wait, whattttttt? I'm just picture two Clydes with wigs on here, throwing perfect games in stereo with Walt looking on approvingly from the bar.

RZA as Leslie Knoppe ain't nothing to well you know, with

(via QuestLove)

Roots' drummer, Questlove already pontificated on the similarities between the Parks and Rec cast and the Wu-Tang Clan but this just takes it to a whole other level.

The XX Gon' Give It To Ya (DMX vs The XX)

The Hood Internet - The XX Gon' Give It To Ya (DMX x The XX) by hoodinternet

(via The Hood Internet)

Whole lot of x's up in here.

Lost, Google Maps, Your lunch break

Google maps are fun! Lost is fun! So a combo of Lost and Google maps is even more fun, right? 3 weeks guys, 3 weeks. (via videogum's twitter)

International Facts - Canana and this bag of milk thing

Things learned on message board created by Brian: In Canada, they sell milk in bags and pour said bags into pitchers. Who knew?

What it do, LT? What it do?

(via With Leather)

Jets. Chargers. LT glide, LT glide.

Hey Jet fans...

(via Deadspin)

Rex Ryan + Lightening Bolt = Playoff win

Saturday Sharing (1/09/10)

(via Sleeveface)

Super deluxe edition of Saturday sharing after the super sourpuss edition of last week...

Drew Brees, man of last year, man of this year: New Orleans Saints QB (and keeper on my mega important fantasy team) Drew Brees writes a surprisingly articulate article in favor of American Needle in the American Needle v. Reebok/NFL Supreme Court case. A quarterback who leads my team to a third place finish (should have been first if someone didn't get a fluke win in the first round due someone else not putting in a kicker) arguing against the NFL's violating anti trust laws, me still my heart. (via Washington Post)

Animal Collective put out a video for Brothersport, I kind of lose my shit at work: So I watched two music videos at work on Friday - the first being, All About the Benjamins off Diddy's No Way Out and the second being Brothersport off of last year's Merriweather Post Pavillion. No offense to Diddy and the fam but AC and their ridiculous trippy tale about two primitive kids, a dog, a weird cartoons, eggs, and lots of paint trumped outfit changes of black and/or white suits and baseball outfits. (via MyAnimalHome)

Belated birthday wishes to both R Kelly and David Bowie
: Yet only one of them gets a day devoted to him on Sleeveface, kind effed up if you asked me. (via Sleeveface)

Two Onion Sports articles? My heavens: Scandalous coach firings AND Colt McCoy's unusually tragic boyhood dream coming true, there's a reason why one of my christmas gifts was an Onion Sports t-shirt. (via The Onion Sports)

Typecasts - Michael Cera as a teen trying to lose his virginity: Vulture voiceovers Mikey Cera have awkward sex in two of his three films (Superbad, Juno) and having traditional "Hugh Jackman or Zach Efron" type sex (in Nick and Norah) in preparation for Youth in Revolt. (via Vulture)

More Best Coast? I don't have any objections: Bethany Cosentino aka Best Coast is back with more lo fi beach blanket pop with Up All Night from the forthcoming Jeans Wilder/Best Coast split. (Via Gorilla Vs. Bear)

New favorite New York based Nachos website - Nachosny.com: I live in New York, I like to consume nachos, so I'm bound to enjoy Nachosny. (via Nachosny.com)

Vampire Weekend's MTV Unplugged, insert Jersey Shore joke here: Wonder where I stand on Vampire Weekend's Contra (pleaked last weekend and is due out on Tuesday? It's more of the same and I'm kinda digging it so here's those weekendy vampire bros doing UnPlugged which I guess went from MTV to MTV2 to MTV.com in the last three decades. (via MTV)

And this emory board is giving me a rash: Cool dude, Andrew is no where near a shady character but he decided to take up a tumblr of that name, and I can't help to endorse the hell out of him and his blog because he's pretty much the best. (via The Shady Character blog)

Chesseburger Dumblings? Yes, please.

(via Not Eating Out in New York)

These look really good, so good in fact that I'm debating on trying to make them; well, until my culinary skills that could be described as somewhat lacking kick in and I just make a grilled cheese. Anyway, if you're feeling over culinary or ambitious, check the recipe at the above link.

On this whole Conan/Jay Leno deal...

Listen, I'm just as bummed out as you about this rumored TMZ story about Leno's 10 O'Clock show being done, Jay being back at 11:30, and Conan O'Brien either being on at 12:00/getting the old heave ho from NBC but didn't we all kind of see this coming? Weren't we all thrilled when Conan was given the Tonight Show? Yes. Weren't we all weirded out when Leno got the 10 O'Clock show? Yes. Are the people at NBC dummies for dumping Conan? Yes. Is Jay Leno, the worst? Yes. Did NBC did kind of sort of set Conan up to fail with two big late night shows in LA, potentially killing the later of the two's audience? Yes. So didn't we kind of see this coming? Yes. But on the bright side, wouldn't a couple of networks be thrilled to have Conan as their new late night host? Yes, indeed.

The Two Gentlemen of Lebowksi, a moft excellent comedie and tragical romance

In sooth, then, faithful friend, this was a rug of value? Thou wouldst call it not a rug among ordinary rugs, but a rug of purpose? A star in a firmament, in step with the fashion alike to the Whitsun morris-dance? A worthy rug, a rug of consequence, sir?

It was of consequence, I should think; verily, it tied the room together, gather’d its qualities as the sweet lovers’ spring grass doth the morning dew or the rough scythe the first of autumn harvests. It sat between the four sides of the room, making substance of a square, respecting each wall in equal harmony, in geometer’s cap; a great reckoning in a little room. Verily, it transform’d the room from the space between four walls presented, to the harbour of a man’s monarchy.

Indeed, a rug of value; an estimable rug, an honour’d rug; O unhappy rug, that should live to cover such days!

Of what dost thou speak, that tied the room together, Knave? Take pains, for I would well hear of that which tied the room together.

Didst thou attend the Knave’s tragic history, Sir Donald?

Nay, good Sir Walter, I was a-bowling.

Thou attend’st not; and so thou hast no frame of reference. Thou art as a child, wandering and strutting amidst the groundlings as a play is in session, heeding not the poor players, their exits and their entrances, and, wanting to know the subject of the story, asking which is the lover and which the tyrant.

(The Two Gentlemen of Lebowksi)

Found this gem on Vulture's Twitter, so if you ever wondered what if William Shakespeare wrote The Big Lebowski, wonder no more.

Aziz Ansari's upcoming CD/DVD - Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening

(via Aziz is Bored)

Aziz Ansari's upcoming CD/DVD entitled Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening comes out on the 19th, you should probably check it out. Well if you enjoy laughter, check it out.

Goal for 2010 - Invent time machine, get Poochinski made.

(via Warming Glow)

A clip of the rejected TV pilot POOCHINSKI from an ABC TV special about failed TV pilots. POOCHINSKI cast Peter Boyle as a cop killed in the line of duty who returns to life as a talking bulldog muppet that reunties [sic] with his partner to take a bite out of crime.

Not to at all deter from the incredibleness of this but why isn't Peter Boyle's character not a puppy bulldog? Was the dog just a dog for a while and all of the sudden it's inhabited by the spirt of a grizzled old cop? I don't know anymore...

You haven't seen Tiptoes?

(news via Videogum)

Yes, Tiptoes is on hulu. Staring Kate Beckinsale, Matthew McConaughey, Peter Dinklage, David Alan Grier and Gary Oldman (as a drawf), it's sensational. So get to and watch it.

They don't call him Scoop for nothin'

(via TDW)

Scoop Callahan gets the "scoop" from champs and coaches, Eli Manning included.

Double Dose of Lost Hype

(via Vulture)

(via The Ack Attack)

Okay, if we get through today (1/5), next Tuesday(the 12th), the Tuesday after that (the 19th), and that other Tuesday(the 26th), it'll be February 2nd and Lost comes back for it's 5th and final season. Answers! Answers! And The Cast recreating the Last Supper! And some guys parodying The Lonely Island!

So if two cookies made love, this would be the result...

(via Serious Eats NY)

While I'm back on the burpees train after a week hiccup BUT I really want this mutant Chocolate Chip/Oreo hybrid that's for sale at Sweet Heart Coffee Shop in the West Village.

The Danilo Gallinari dunk

(via Posting and Toasting)

It's not the Starks' dunk but it's enough to get excited for in this post 2009 New York Giants world...

Saturday Sharing (1/02/10)

(via TDW)

P4K's guide to Winter 2010 Releases: A bunch of bands are releasing records in the next couple months, you'll probably be excited over a few of them. (via Pitchfork)

Deadspin's 10 most read articles of the decade: It's only been around since 2005 but can you imagine an internet without Deadspin? 10 stories ranging from Chris Berman to Chris Cooley's cock of all things... (via Deadspin)

(Jerry's) Seinfeld's top 20 food related moments: Seinfeld has been off the air for over a decade but really, what's the deal with Jerry and food? (via Top Cultured)

Eli's resolutions for the 10: I don't think Eli needs a new Plax doll as much as he needs a defense but that's a rant for another day. (via KSK)

Gameboy, complete with magnifying thing and light thing: Yeah, 10 year old Ryan wanted this. (via Obsolete)