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Saturday Sharing (9/05/09)

(via The People of Walmart)

Jay-Z - Hate (featuring Kanye West and Aziz Ansari): Let's be honest; no one enjoys hearing a DJ talk all over a new track. There's always an exception though and it's Aziz Ansari and his random stream of consciousness over the Hova and Kanye give and track track off of The Blueprint 3. (via Aziz is bored)

Boom goes the dynamite (literally): Watch 7 old stadiums get blown up, it's memorizing. Most memorizing Reggie Miller and the Pacers' Market Square Arena and Philadelphia's The Vet. (via Super Tremendous)

50 Best Nike Dunks of All Time: How much do I want the Glow in the Darks at no. 35? A whole lot. (via Complex)

People Of Walmart: Stay classy, Walmart.(via People of Walmart)

EW's 50 Best and 5 Worst Beatles Songs (There are no BAD Beatles songs, EW): In anticipation for Wednesday's reissues and Beatles: Rock Band (which will finally end my Rock Band/Guitar Hero hold out), Sterogum has the top 20 best songs off EW's list, and the 5 worst. All you need is love? The worst? Really EW? Anyway my top in 5 in no order - You Never Give Me Your Money, Happiness is a Warm Gun, Helter Skelter, Baby You're a Rich Man, For Your Blue.
(via Stereogum)
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