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Saturday Sharing (09/26/09)

(via Comics Alliance)

UH UH UH Marvin Gaye Mash-Ups: These Marvin Gaye mash-ups are like the best thing ever, Hova's Girls Girls Girls and Outkast's So Fresh So Clean mashed with Let's Get It On led to my mind being figuratively and literally blown on Friday morning. (via The Animal Show)

Belle & Sebastian - Dancing Queen: Saw this on Dave's fbook the other day, Belle & Sebastian covering Abba's Dancing Queen - effin awesome. (via)

8 Animals Suited Up For Battle
: Animals in clothes can be very cute or very gag worthy but Animals in suits of armor can only lead to great things. (via Gizmodo)

To be LD, You need to dress like LD: It's ever so great to have Curb back on TV, and now you can dress like Larry David! Now even though LD is going to reunite the Seinfeld cast to get back with Cheryl and that's GREAT, I think he should really find a way to keep Leon all season after he dumps cancer ridden Loretta. (via Complex)

21 most awesome Super Hero Mods for My Little Pony: Being a dude, I don't think I had any My Little Pony toys but I think I'd do a thing or two to get my hands on that Han Solo in Carbonite MLP. (via Comics Alliance)
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