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Saturday Sharing (09/17/09)

Community's Kevin Spodnik, Kenny, Me, Jerry Seinfeld's bookie, and the bookie's friend circa December 2007.

James Franco holds a flame thrower: Honestly, if it was any member of the Freaks and Geeks cast with some sort of high end weapon such as Jason Segel and a hand grenade, John Francis Daly and an uzzi, Martin Starr driving a tank, or Busy Phillips in a stealth bomber, I'd post it. (via BWE)

Suzy's back blogging: I've always enjoyed my friend Suzy's tumblr, Whatevs a lot as it's really good but she took a well deserved break and she's back now and it's awesome. Also great minds and stomachs think alike. (via Whatevs)

500 Days on Zankou: SNL's Abby Elliot in this 500 Hundred Days of Summer parody about a girl and chicken instead of a girl and JGL, funnier and slighter less depressing for guys who like depressing 80's Brit-pop and a misinterpretation on the end of the Graduate. (via The Daily What)

John Stockton with another assist: Workday conversation on the gmail chat between myself and Kenny seem to have at least one or two twenty minute link sessions to different Onion articles, and yesterday's was focused on the Onion sport page. So start with the Stockton article and go nuts. (Via The Onion Sports)

Pavement's Central Park Residency Fall 2010: Love Pavement, bought tickets to the Tuesday show but this is kind of, sort of ridiculous. (via Brooklyn Vegan)

Shit Kenny Says: Okay, Brian came up with this idea on Sunday after Kenny was spouting off one liners between beers during the One O'Clock and Four O'clock games. My fav - "I bet Mark Sanchez has a bigger cock, but Eli has one more ring." Question is - cock or super bowl ring? (via SKS)
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