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Saturday Sharing (09/12/09)

(via utilitarianfranchise's etsy)

Ed Norton (and his 3 Maasai Warriors) run this town: Edward Norton will be running the New York City Marathon with three Maasai warriors on November 1st to raise awareness for the Kenya based, Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust. (via LA Times)

Add this to things I need for my cubicle at work: A couple months ago I filled out a "getting to know" staff spotlight for my department newsletter that is probably never going to see the light of day. One of the facts I included is that "my cubicle is a mess 16 out of the 20 days of a work month" but I'd know say it's about 18 out of 20 and this genius sandwich/cupholder thingamajig over your keyboard would help bring down the mess number to 15 out of 20 hopefully. (via Museum of Idiots)

Informal Poll On Ostrich Pillow: Awesome or Creepy? I say awesome! (via utilitarianfranchise's etsy)

10 Bands That Prove Emo Wasn't Always for the Hot Topic Tween Set:
Remember when emo wasn't a dirty word? The Get Up Kids, The Promise Ring, Sunny Dale Real Estate, Braid, Texas is the Reason, Pinkerton era Weezer, The Jimmy Eat Worlds! At 26, one of the bands* on the list is still my favorite band and has been for the past 8 years or so. (via Paste Magazine)

Grizzly Bear - While You Wait For The Others (The Video): You put out Veckatimest, you make a surreal video for Two Weeks, you have MICHAEL MCDONALD sing lead on the b-side for While You Wait For The Others, and now you put this video out, yeah Grizzly Bear is definitely maybe in the running for band of the year. Your move Animal Collective. (via Spinner)

Robot Abe Lincoln to be the 47th President of The United States: After Obama, I think it's a smart move to elect robot versions of all our favorite President's to the nation's highest office. Robot George Washington, Robot FDR, Robot Abe Lincoln, Robot JFK, Robot Martin Van Buren, and Robot Barack Obama to name a few. (via Paul Scheer)

* Yes, The Alkaline Trio is on the emo list.
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