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Dan Deacon Poster Contest - All Kinds of Awesome

(via P4K)

We here at OAB (me) are fans of Dan Deacon, and I think we can all agree whether you like his records or his antics on stage, that this poster is pretty rad. Even more "rad" is that Dan Deacon set up this contest where if you can name all the cartoon characters you would win the following: 1) $500 cash (YES) 2) A portrait of you painted by Dan Deacon. (DOUBLE YES) 3) One of the last copies of Wham City Box Set #1.(TRIPLE YES) 4) A copy of each of Dan Deacon's first eight impossible-to-find releases: Silly Hat vs. Egale Hat, Meetlemice, Goose on the Loose, A Green Cobra Is Awesome vs. the Sun, Porky Pig, Twacky Cats, Live 2003, and Acorn Master (QUADRUPLE YES). So get on it, y'all, we can split the 500 bucks.
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