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Saturday Sharing (8/29/09)

The Thylacine (via Environmental Graffiti)

Hurricane Danny (McBride)
: Spawned over the low intimation factor of the name "Danny" for a tropical storm/hurricane, Brian created a chuckle worthy photoshop which leads me to believe along with terriantial rain and powerful gusts of wind, Hurricane Danny would be full of Kenny Powers one liners. (Via The Total Package)

It's like your eating a delicious type dirt and worms
: Hey weird kid at recess who would eat dirt and worms out of a flower pot for his lunch, it's now acceptable. Well, only kind of as this recipe replaces the dirt with chocolate ice cream and crushed up brownies and the worms with gummi worms. (via Gizmodo)

Photos of Tarpans, Quaggas, and Javian Tigers (oh my!)
: Not to get super preachy but one thing we need to do as species, make sure all the animals on the endangered species list don't go the way of all the animals shown here because how much more awesome would this world be with the addition of the Thylacine? A lot more awesome I bet! (via Environmental Graffiti)

Taken By Trees - My Boys: Indie Rock's version of the No Scrubs/No Pigeons-gate of 1998, as Victoria Bergsman, formely of the Concretes and foreverly of Peter Bjorn & John's Young Folks covers Animal Collective's My Girls, but with one gender role reversing trick.. You guessed it - she changed the word girls with boys. (via Stereogum)

Puppies dressed up as Cats? Adorable Overload!: Something that you wouldn't see Leno do on The Tonight Show, Conan dressing up puppies as a kittens. Will Leno respond with kittens dressed us a puppies when his 10 pm show debuts soon? What will Letterman do? Fan of adorable animals needs to know. (via Best Week Ever)

The Muppets Got Next: Sorry, WNBA's Atlanta Dream but Sesame Street Live is scheduled for the Phillips Arena when the WNBA's playoffs are supposed to be in full swing for the Dream on Sept. 17-20. As Fozzy Bear once said "Wacka Wacka." (via Deadspin)

Dude Unicorn Jams Daves Too Many

No plans to listen to Dude Jams or their album, Too Many Daves because it'd spoil this amazing bond that I currently have with their unicorn, rainbows, starry night, and dildo album art.

Neil Schwiber is an Inglorious Basterd

Saw Inglorious Basterds, and was caught off guard that Samm Levine of Freaks and Geeks fame was one of the said Basterds. Now, IMDB says that Levine played PFC Gerold Hirschberg but I'd like to believe that after graduting from McKinley in say 1985, Neal Schweiber waited a couple years, built a time machine (with the help of Coach Fredricks who knew a thing or two about time travel), and went back to the 40s and decided to kill some Nazis. I'd also like to believe Jason Segal's character on How I Met Your Mother, Marshall is just an older Nick Andopolis, all of Seth Rogen's characters are an older Ken, and Martin Starr is infact Bill Haverchuck.

I-3D Video Glasses are proof positive that flying cars are coming sooner rather than later

(via Kanye West)
"Displaying images at 920,000 pixels per LCD at an aspect ratio of 4:3, the head-mounted display is capable of being hooked up to any standard video source, off which it displays stereoscopic virtual images on a screen sized 80 x 69 inches. Priced at $399, the head-mounted display weighs 2.4 ounces, has stereo ear bud type speakers and delivers a wide 35° diagonal viewing angle. Featuring USB charger cable, remote control and adjustable brightness and contrast, the i-3D Video Glasses derive power from a 1,000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts for about 3.5 hours on a single charge."

I don't know about you but the resemblance bettween Levar Burton's visor from Star Trek: The Next Generation and these 3D glasses are quite uncanny.

Red Tuxedo Gang kills Man! Adorable Dog not involved.

"A 22-year-old man died today after a vicious beating last week outside a Back Bay nightclub allegedly at the hands of 12 men in matching tuxedos.

Jose Alicea suffered severe head trauma in the assault early Friday and succumbed to his injuries, according to a press release issued this afternoon by Boston police. The Hyde Park resident had been in Massachusetts General Hospital, where he had been declared brain dead but living on life support.

Alicea's alleged attackers are are scheduled to be arraigned today in Boston Municipal Court on charges of assault and battery causing serious injury or death.

"The possibility remains that the charges could be upgraded," said Jake Wark, spokesman for the Suffolk district attorney's office.

The beating occurred at 2:25 a.m. on Friday outside 33 Restaurant & Lounge, a nightclub on Stanhope Street on the border of Back Bay and the South End. According to police, the aggressors were 12 men in matching red tuxedos who were arrested inside a limousine parked outside the club."

(via Boston Metro News Desk by way of E. Tustin of anicid.com/forums)

Monday Morning Math Equation (8 Bit Trip)

(via Gizmodo)

Sleep depravity + Legos + High Fives + 8 Bit Video Game Characters + Monday Morning = Not knowing exactly I just saw but knowing it was pretty sweet.

Saturday's Sharing (08/22/09)

Pitchfork's Top 500 Songs of the Decade: Here comes your first of many decade end lists with Pitchfork and it's top 500 songs of '00s. So start with 500 through 201, 200-101, 100-51, 50-21, 20-2, and end it with Outkast's BOB at 1. Find stuff you like (Joanna Newsom's "Peach, Plum, Pear" @ 197), love (Jens Lekman's "Black Cab" @ 188), agree with begrudidgly (50 Cent's "In Da Club" @ 160), and can't even understand why it's not higher (Panda Bear's Comfy in Nautica @ 132) and that's just a sample between 200 and 100. (via Pitchfork)

Throwboy Chat Pillows: I currently have a red LOL pillow and a blue OMG pillow in the cart at Throwboy and I debating about going further with my nerdy throw pillow purchases. (via Throwboy)

Egon, Ray, and Venkman take on the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit: Please please please make this the plot of Ghostbusters 3! (via Gizmodo)

Double Down Chicken Sandwich : KFC's new Chicken, Bacon, and Cheese sandwich without the bread has to be a joke, albeit a delicious joke, right? (via Lindsayism)

San Francisco's Lombard Street as Candy Land
: The chance to play a real life version of Candy Land is something we all probably had day dreams about in our first grade class rooms. So in honor of the 60th birthday of the game, "crooked" Lombard Street in San Fransisco was transformed into a giant Candy Land and a bunch of lucky little ones were given the chance to play. (via Pop Candy)

The Hood Internet - Summer Circuit: Recipe for this summer jam - Take one part Fresh Prince, a dash of his Jazzy friend who was always getting thrown out of his Bel Air estate by Uncle Phil, and combine with two french dudes who may or not be human after all, mix it all up in a bowl, and out comes something to listen to as summer '09 winds down. (via The Hood Internet)

New Soup Bible: The Blog: Whoever this Chief Skybear cat is, he's a funny funny dude with his witticisms pertaining to one liners that he may or may not have jotted down in a tiny notebook. (via New Soup Bible: The Blog)

Baseball Armagedon!!! (Part One Thousand)

Yanks/Sox! Saw the back of the Daily News this morning and it made me triple take!

Jam Of The Day: Sufjan Stevens - Detroit, Lift Up Your Weary Head!

Been on a Sufjan kick lately, and here's the very Sufjan Stevensy jam off of Greetings from Michigan: The Great Lake State from Austin City Limits with WINGS!

How Brian's been seeing humans for the last couple of days

Brian: i think the time has come to stop procrastinating
i've been craving a big mac for 3 consecutive days
it's time to give in

Within moments of his return, this was on NFLShop.com

Shouldn't the ending to every Super Bowl from now to the end of time be Bret Favre's (with a new jersey each year) arm popping up through the field to signal that he's back!

A map of Europe and Asia if the countries were animals instead of land

(via Dark Roasted Blend's Unusual And Marvelous Maps)

"This is an Asian view of the world situation around the time of the Chinese revolution of 1912. This map was actually published in Japan, but indicates the belief that there was a lot of foreign influence in China at this time. In this period just prior to the outbreak of war, the Russian bear looms large over Europe and Asia, Britain is depicted as a sea monster, reflecting the country’s position as the world’s predominant naval power at the time, while Germany is shown as a tusked warthog."

Who's Got More Rides Than Great Adventure?

(via Drop Me Off In Harlem)

BIG's got more rides than Great Adventure.

You best put on AMC around 10 O'Clock

(via Drawger)

T minus 45 Minutes till Mad Men! Kinda really psyched for this, you guys!

Saturday's Sharing (08/15/09)

What's the what with all this new Radiohead - Okay, so two Radiohead songs (Harry Patch, In Memory Of and These Are My Twisted Words) have recently found themselves to the internet, and now there's a hub bub about a possible new EP on Monday? (via Pitchfork)

Pot Bellies? In? - Afif was telling me about this last night as we made our way to 30 Rock-Prov, and I guess it's goodbye to Bas Rutten and hello to D.G Yuengling and Son. (via Afif and The NY Times )

Happy 20th Sega Genesis
- Feeling kind of old due to the fact that the Sega Genesis, the second video game system I ever owned is almost old enough to drink. Even though I don't think it's a great idea to do shots with Sega, since it would probably mess up it's insides more than you would think! (via Gizmodo)

Manson follower, Squeeky Frome released - Of all the Summer of '69 stories, the Manson murders have always been fascinating with all the tie ins to the White Album and the book of Revelation and stuff. Now Squeaky who was the fourth member of the family who's resume includes the following bullet notes - sleeping with dairy farmer, George Spahn so the Family could reside at his ranch; involved in murder in Stockton, CA after the Tate case; Attempting to contact Jimmy Page because of foreseen evil in his future; an attempted assassination on President Gerald Ford; and she was played by Mary Lynn Rajskub in the 2004 Helter Skelter tv film staring Jeremy Davies aka Daniel Faraday. Welcome back to society, Squeeks, hope you were rehabilated or now you're just a crazy old broad. (via New York Times)

Oreo Dip - A recipe for Oreo Dip made from the creme from two to three boxes of double stuff Oreo? Looks like I might be going nom nom nom with a variety of treats and oreo dip in the very near future. (via Jeff Rubin)

Maniac Cop Trilogy - Last Saturday night, I got a bombardment of texts from a friend about how great the Maniac Cop series was and I was intrigined because who is texting someone at 12:30 on a Saturday night about Horror films, right? So I checked out Part 1 on Sunday and Part 2 on Wednesday, and while one was a good campy 80s Horror flick, Part 2 was INCREDIBLE, they take everything great about Part 1 and make it even greater. So check them out on Netflix streaming, they are all there and it's worth it.

A Capella Jam: The Beach Boys - Sloop John B

I say this all the time - if you don't like this, maybe we should re-consider our friendship. This time plug in Pet Sounds into the equation, but let's be serious everyone loves that record so we're all friends! So check out the a Capella version Sloop John B above and check out the rest of the record without all those instrument things here.

The New Workout Plan (Bas Rutten's Work Out Plan)

I don't expect anyone to sit through the almost 25 minutes of MMA fighter, Bas Rutten hawk his work out BUT it is surprisingly entertaining to watch the Dutch born fighter go on about jabs, hooks, uppercuts, thai knees, thai kicks, defense, push ups, sit ups, and neck exercises. I was so entertained that I am contemplating attempting the Bas Rutten All Around Work Out, which is apparently 28 minutes of PAIN.

Dayman - The Mug!

With It's Always Sunny coming back for it's fifth season, FX has decided to go nuts with merchandise relating to Charlie, Dennis, Sweet Dee, Mac, and Frank. Of course when I saw this merch, I was all coldstone creamery - got to have it and picked up a shirt relating to a certain patriotic phrase and this nifty mug that with the help of a hot beverage turns from the Dayman into the Nightman!

Dayman! (Ahhh Ahh)


She might have perioded all over herself.

(via The King of Crayons)

Love the King of Crayons blog, it's all kinds of amazing.

All kinds of wrong - Wii Horseback Riding Patent

(via Gizmodo/Siliconera)

Let's go over some things that kind of freak me out with figure 1A from this patent application that seemed to be filed with the EPO -

1) The person in the drawing seems to be a child with what seems to be a receeding hairline.
2) The person is wearing a onesie, yes a onesie.
3) Television on the floor?
4) Where can this saddle device go in the future? Sexy wii?

I Love You, David Wain Man

Reason # 78 to pick up I Love You, Man on DVD - This deleted scene with David Wain as a wacky wedding photographer with a soul patch.

Saturday's Sharing (08/08/09)

The World's Best Alternate Subway Maps - Check out alt subway mpas for London's Underground, Paris' Metro, several interesting concepts that the MTA should look at for NYC, and Toyko. (via Tree Hugger)

Cramazing Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter - Saw this cookie on Blondie and Brownie yesterday, and I had to have it. So I went to Joe's in Grand Central and got one, it was crazy and amazing, or cramazing if you will. (via Blondie and Brownie)

"Michael Kay" on Twitter - Couple of MK's tweets from last night's marathon 15 inning game between the Yanks and the Sox: "Hey fans! Paulie is always so shy about tossing his yogurt around me," "Hey fans! "The crowd of 52,325 is on their feet. Joking. Laughing. Ripping. Slipping. Tripping. Ejaculating. Snorting. Winking," "Hey fans! Why would anyone idolize the best rebounder in NBA history? He should idolize a wife beater like DiMaggio or a drunk like Mantle!," and "Hey fans! I'm covered in yogurt! Paulie's covered in yogurt! But no one had vanilla yogurt! Was it me?! We'll make sense of it after this!" So if you
have Twitter, follow this dude.

We Are The World/We Are The Children/We Are Drawn With Colored Pencil - John Oates just pops out of this and stairs into your soul.

Louis CK on Parks & Rec - Louis CK as Amy Poehler's love interest? Looks like Parks and Recreation has entered into a very dangerous game with 30 Rock with awesome love interests for the lead characters. Liz Lemon had Don Draper last season, this season - Barack Obama.

Jam Alert: Broken Social Scene - Love Will Tear Us Apart

Everyone loves the Joy Divison song, Love Will Tear Us Apart. Everyone loves the band, Broken Social Scene. So let us combine our loves for both with BSS's cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart off The Time Traveler's Wife soundtrack.

Download it @ Sound Verite

Hang This Over Your Imaginary Fire Place - Mega Man Boss Art

(via The Autumn Society)

"11"x14" canvas surrounded by 6 4"x4" canvases. Mega Man is done in spray paint with 5 stencils, and the robot masters are all each one color stencils."

Some of my fav characters from The Wire in Wacom tablet illustration form

Brother Mouzone

Stringer Bell

Dennis "Cutty from the Cut" Wise

We all love The Wire, right? If you do, check out these illustrations by E Blake Hicks, everyone for the most part is there so far so there's lot to love. If you don't love The Wire, explain to me why because I don't know if we can still be friends because come on, it's The Wire and it's one of the best things ever. So get on watching it between streamed Lost on Netflix on Demand.

Unofficial Official OAB Review: Funny People

Seth Rogen sharing the screen with Wu Tang's RZA, one of the highlights of Funny People for me along with Raaaaaandy, Yo Teach, Norm, and Audrey Plaza. Low-lights for me include Adam Sandler and Leslie Mann's love affair, Tom from MySpace, and the disjointedness of the film, and the length. At two and half hours long was a movie that I didn't love as much as some of the other Apatow flicks nor hate as much as I thought I was going to going into the film. So the unofficial official OAB review for Funny People would be 3 pieces of Fruit out of 5.

Saturday's Sharing

No Sleep Till Liberty State Park - Jay-Z covers No Sleep Till Brooklyn off of Licensed To Ill at APW filling in for the Beasties.

The Hill's 51st Most Beautiful Person - Yonkers, NY native Paul Edatel, allegedly the 51st most beautiful person in DC. Some say Paul's the Indian Martin Heinrich (the No. 1 hottie on the Hill's list.) (via Noble Thinking)

Lost Season 5 on Blu Ray - Been holding out on buying Lost on DVD till the show actually ends and I can pick up the Lost Mega Collection which will be all 6 seasons in the shape of Vincent's brain, but tell me that this thing doesn't look incredible.

Dan Deacon, Deerhunter, and No Age @ Williamsburg Waterfront - I'm kind of psyched to see how they pull off this whole Round Robin gimmick, see OAB on Monday's blog for details.

Oreo Cupcake with Built In Cup For Milk - I had to listen to Brian rant and rave about this last night BUT I agree with him on his rantings and ravings on how delicious this cupcake sounds and looks. (Via the Cupcake project)