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Informal Vodka Poll - Bacon or Bubble Gum

Let's preface this with I'm not a vodka person really, maybe will drink it once or twice a year, and I have no idea what you'd drink these flavored vodkas with - as a martini? With water? With coke? Straight Up? I'm not entirely sure!. Anyways, these flavored vodkas may have gone a bit too far now with these new "flavors" and don't even get me started on the first ad.


So OAB readers, how do you like your vodka with Bubble Gum or Bacon?

Kind of WANT THIS - Teeter Hang Ups

Saw this product on a commercial during Michael & Michael Have Issues, and it looks like fun. I'm not sure what exactly sure what it's supposed to do but I like the idea of doing flips while strapped in to the machine and Roger Teeter has a pretty swell beard.

Would it be wrong if I went on a Gourmet Peanut Butter Shopping Spree?

Lame names aside, I'm really thinking of buying these to take the classic Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich to that next level.

Dark Chocolate Dreams!

White Chocoolate Wonderful!

Mighty Maple!

Smooth Operator!

The Heat Is On!

Oh I didn't see you there, Don Draper.

(via MadMenYourself)

Cartoon Don Draper, cool. Cartoon Ryan (with Paul Kinsey's beard), not as cool but kind of accurate. Mad Men returns to AMC on August 16, and I for one will be happy to be watching something other than Baseball, Michael and Michael Have Issues, and Arrested Development on DVD in a couple weeks.

Welcome back, Ron Mexico!

Things a Chicken Doesn't Do - Chickens Don't Clap

In the middle of my quarterly Arrested marathon and...


Damon, Carlton, and a Polar Bear

One of my new favorite blogs happens to be Paul Scheer's DamonCarltonandaPolarBear.com which revolves around Paul Scheer dedicating the next 6 months to black velvet art based on Lost. Check out the video above where Paul presents his first piece in the DCAAPB collection to Lost producers, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse and check out the site, it's pretty terrific.

Rick Astley v. Nirvana - Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirt Up

(via Will Leitch)

Okay, you know I'm a sucker for mash ups - what I'm an even greater sucker for is videos made up for said mash ups based on the mashed up songs original videos.

Da Lego Mystery of Chess Boxin

Wu-Tang Lego: Da Mystery of Chessboxin' from davo on Vimeo.

(via Videogum/Aziz)

Best Lego rendition of a video from the best ever group hip hop album ever.

A non traditional s'mores recipe

(via Baking Bites)

Ham Porter: Hey, you want a s'more?
Smalls: Some more of what?
Ham Porter: No, do you want a s'more?
Smalls: I haven't had anything yet... so how can I have some more of nothing?
Ham Porter: You're killing me, Smalls! These are s'mores stuff. Okay, pay attention. First you take the graham. You stick the chocolate on the graham. Then, you roast the mallow. When the mallow's flaming, you stick it on the chocolate. Then you cover it with the other end. Then, you stuff.

Do everything as stated in the quote from The Sandlot but instead of the roasting over open flames but the peep between the chocolate and the graham, put it in the microwave, and HOPE that it doesn't explode.

I WANT THIS: Collection of Stamps Map

(via Marc Alcock)

"After finding a collection of world stamps on Ebay for a fiver, A map of the world was created where each country is represented by its own native stamp."

It's like I'm From Barcelona's Collection Of Stamps come to life, and it's pretty incredible.

Paul McCartney @ Citi Field, 7/21/09

(via Poor Paddy's Flickr)

Regardless of how I/you/whoever feels about Wings and/or Paul's solo stuff - Macca killed it last night especially with Yesterday --> Helter Skelter --> Get Back ---> Sgt. Pepper's Reprise --> The End as pretty much the best encore ever.

01. Drive my Car
02. Jet
03. Only Mama Knows
04. Flaming Pie
05. Got to Get You into My Life
06. Let me Roll It/Foxy Lady
07. Highway
08. The Long and Winding Road
09. My Love
10. Blackbird
11. Here Today
12. Dance Tonight
13. Calico Skies
14. Mrs Vanderbilt
15. Eleanor Rigby
16. Sing the Changes
17. Band on the run
18. Back in the USSR
19. I'm Down
20. Something
21. I've got a Feeling
22. Paperback Writer
23. A day in the Life/Give Peace a Chance
24. Let it be
25. Live and Let Die
26. Hey Jude
1st encore
27. Day Tripper
28. Lady madonna
29. I saw her standing there
2nd encore
30. Yesterday
31. Helter Skelter
32. Get Back
33. Sgt Pepper's reprise/The End

Quote of the weekend (Kevin's Summer home edition)

So Hollywood's Kevin Spodnik returned to New York, a bunch of us went up to the mountains and among horseshoes, Miller Lites, Kenny's love of cookies, a stubbed toe, kick ball, football, little boy's being called Sally, a babies with mo-hawks, "yoooooooooooo" in the middle of the night, a taped up toe, and so much more nonsense but the quote of the weekend goes to this -

Ryan: Good night.
Kenny: I'm naked on the river rat.

It should be noted that Kenny was actually wearing a t-shirt, it was dark in the basement, and had a blanket over him, so he was never in fact naked on the river rat.

Some lame joke about Shaq Fu and Kung Fu Panda

(via The Daily What)

No need for the Manning face, Eli...

According to Uni Watch, "The red alternate jersey has been retired. The Giants will not be wearing any alternates or throwbacks in 2009 or 2010, but they have a doozy of a throwback slated for 2011 — which I can’t describe." So that's a double dose of good news - Big Blue no longer in red and throwback! I know it's new jersey is super classy, simple, and awesome but please bring back the GIANTS logo on the helmet and the blue/white/red color scheme like shown on Phil Simms for say the 25th anniversary of the 1986 Super Bowl Champion Giants?

Creepy or Awesome: Mounted Stuffed Animal Deer Head

(Buy at Feltidermy on Etsy)

It doesn't matter how well you know me but hunting and Ryan don't exactly mix (see bouts of clumsiness, usage of guns, and love for animals) but I dunno I wouldn't mind displaying this stuffed animal deerhead in my office/den/hunting lodge/home.

So that's what they teach at Iona Prep.

(via Deadspin)

Aside from all the Obama-ness, the highlight of last night's MLB All Star Game seemed to be Mariano Rivera's son (who apparently goes to New Rochelle's Iona Prep according to Kenny's brother, Kevin) spitting seeds at Derek Jeter while his father was out there making history and recording a record 4th career save in All Star Game history.

Anyone wanna go dutch on Ecto 1?

(via SarahSpy)

Last time I wanted to buy a car off Ebay, it was a 1981 Delorian, now a replica Ecto 1 is up for sale and at this very moment, it's at the low low price of $45,100.00 with 3 hours left on Ebay Motors. So who wants to be the Ray/Egon/Winston to my Venkman?

Finished up the State DVD and I'm wondering....

So this was technically the last sketch on The State's MTV show, and I always wondered Wonder Boy was JC, right?

Post edit - If Wonder Boy is JC, how are him and young God together since God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the Holy Trinity and so one in the same, right? Jesus is God and also the son of God, OH CATHOLICISM!

Portraits of Animals with Adult Accessories

To be honest, I kind want to buy several of these Animals in formal attire portraits and design a room around them. You can pick these up in 5 X 7, 8 x 10, or 11 X 14 at Berkley Illustration's Etsy, and frame them and put them on walls too.

I'd imagine there were no marshmellows to hold onto

"A 29-year old worker died today when he fell into a giant vat of hot chocolate at a New Jersey factory. Hope someone at the scene had the presence of mind to question the oompah-loompahs."

Via Boing Boing

En Guade, Roger Federer

Spent my Sunday morning watching the Federer/Roddick marathon, and in summation - Roger Federer winning his 6th Wimbledon, impressive. Federer winning his 15th major, record breaking. Federer's 15 Nike Jogger/Jumper/What have you, incredible. He looks like a modern day swashbuckler, just replace his racket with a sword.

My new favorite album art

LTD - Something to Love

Black guys, astronauts, the 1970s, Soul music, I love it.

The Apple Shaving Accident

(via Like Cool)

This Giant Tiger guy, he's kind of awesome

Giant Tiger is as absurd as a wrestling character as there ever will be, it kind of reminds me of someone at his drunkest and I mean that in the most sincerest way possible.

That's Manute Bol, Motha Ucker

I'm currently reading The Jordan Rules by Sam Smith, and one of my favorite quotes so far comes from Manute Bol of being 7'7 fame during the Eastern Conferences Semis in 1991 in response to Phil Jackson complaining about Bol being able to play zone while not actually guarding any one - "Mother fuck, mother fuck, mother fuck! Why you pick on me, mother fuck."