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Can't See Me Now Now by St. Tupac Vincent

While on the train today...

St. Vincent's Now Now off of Marry Me came up which is a jam within it's self but it was labeled as...

2Pac's Can't C Me off of Disc 2 of All Eyez on Me. Never thought I'd write about Annie Clark and Tupac Shakur in the same paragraph but Ipod shuffle glitches somehow made it possible.

Don't steal bases, just lead off a little.

(via Flip Flop Fly Ball)

Nom nom nom Flap Jack Fiasco nom nom nom

(via This Is Why Your Fat)

Flap Jack Fiasco, you intrigue me with your layers from bottom to top: pancake; cookie dough; pancake; peanut butter and jelly; pancake; chocolate and bananas; pancake; caramel, oreo, marshmallow, sprinkles, M&M’s; pancake; caramel buttercream frosting granished with Trix cereal.

Michael Jackson, RIP

Everyone spin Thriller tonight. Rest in peace, King of Pop.

Someone's been eating too much Cap'n Crunch at night lately

Cap'n Crunch!

Choco Crunch!

Christmas Crunch!

Crunch Berries!

I WANT THIS: No Mas Finisher Bags edition

(via No-Mas)

Anyone want to donate $300 for my couple minutes long dream of having a starter jacket turned duffle bag as a Gym bag?

Michael, Michael, Issues, and a Poster

So I talked about how I'm probably going to all shut in and dvding it up with The State but for at least one half hour in the week of a post State DVD world, I'll be watching Black, Sho, and their issues on Comedy Central, hope you people do too.

Charlie Vandergaw - A Stranger among Bears

Last night, I got caught up watching the Animal Planent documentary, Stranger among Bears on Charlie Vandergaw of the Susitna Valley in Alaska, a former wrestling coach who was food conditioning bears in civilization with thousands of pounds of dog food and hundreds of pounds of cookies for the last 20 years or so. It's kind of interesting to see the aftermath of the documentary with Alaskan authorities cracking down on Vandergaw after 20 years of doing what he's been doing. Anyway, if you ever come across the documentary on Animal Planet HD, check it out, it's kind of fascinating in the same way that Travis was or not, I just really wanted an excuse to post a photo of the old guy just hanging with a Grizzly Bear.

He's sick and tired of hearing about Chet Stedman! (Not me though)

Was watching Rookie of the Year on DVD last night, and Chet "The Rocket" Stedman may very well be my favorite fictional athlete ever. So thanks to everything being customizable these days, we can all have Chet Stedman shirts via shop.mlb.com, so help me out people - should I go with the Blue with the Cubs logo or should I go with the Gray with Chicago across the chest?




And Cloudy as Smokey The Smoke Monster

(via TV Squad)

There's something about mid 90's sitcom intros and Lost that make me all warm and fuzzy inside! So check the link for Full House and Step by Step but ignore Friends since it's kind of lame, but this Family Matters mash up has it all - Ben, Eko, Nikki, Paulo, and most of all Jack spiking the football after that two hand touch game in New Otherton.

My Half Year in Lists (09 Edition)

6 months in and here are my 6 favorite records of the '09 so far in no particular order.

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart - The Pains of Being Pure At Heart
Highlights - Come Saturday, Young Adult Friction, This Love is Fucking Right
Purchase @ Insound, Amazon, Itunes

Animal Collective
- Merriweather Post Pavilion
Highlights - My Girls, Summertime Clothes, Brothersport
Purchase @ Insound, Amazon, Itunes

Handsome Furs - Face Control
Highlights - Legal Tender, All We Want, Baby, Is Everything, Thy Will Be Done
Purchase @ Insound, Amazon, Itunes

Various Artists - Dark Was The Night
Highlights - Dirty Projectors/David Byrne - Knotty Pine, Sufjan Stevens - You Are The Blood, The National - So Far Around The Bend
Purchase @ Insound, Amazon, Itunes

Grizzly Bear - Veckatimist
Highlights - Two Weeks, Cheerleader, While You Wait For The Others
Purchase @ Insound, Amazon, Itunes

The Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca
Highlights - Stillness is the Move, Usefull Chamber, Remade Horizon
Purchase @ Insound, Amazon, Itunes

Rocky III USB Drives but no Thunderlips, the Ultimate USB Drive

(via Engadget)

I don't really use USB drives that much but if I did, I think Carl Weathers as Apollo Creed would be the one that I'd use the most.

The even fresher Orange Apple Banana

So a couple weeks ago, I had a plan, a huge plan which was to re-launch OAB with a new look for it's first birthday, and I commisioned everyone's favorite Total Package, Brian to design the lay out because as you can see, he's really good at that kind of stuff and if I re-did the site, it'd probably be a stick figure drawing of myself and some bad sketches of fruit. Anyway, now I owe Brian a meal for the new layout BUT I have a shiney new blog, and I'm sure where ever he chooses to dine (possibly somewhere that serves the best wings around and the coldest Yuengling I've ever had) I'll be fine with it so we all win in end.

So with the new look, I guess I should give up some content, so here's some math for y'all on this Thursday: Helen Hunt + Keyboard Cat + PCP + Hall and Oates = my favorite thing on the internet in a long long time.

(via Videogum)

Insert 15 year old joke here

You think enough time has passed that I can drive a White Ford Bronco without any funny looks? Happy 15th anniversary OJ Chase!

Nick Fresno Licensed Teacher but way better

A little old but I am entertained more than I probably should be from Yo Teach, Jason Schwa... err, Mark Taylor Jackson's show within the new Apatow flick, Funny People.

I WANT THIS: Sneakers based on hit films of the 1980s

Any way you can hook me up with a size 13 for the Reebok pump Gremlins pack or the Nike Hypermax Mcfly's based on Marty McFly's kicks in back to the future 2, I would really really appreciate it.

(via Sneaker News)


(via Kix Files)

Bowling Alley Bar Bedlam

Last night, I went bowling with Kenny and Riha, and while nothing of note really happen while we were actually bowling, waiting in the bar for a little bit and watching the last two innings of the Yankees/Mets game. Sometime between David Wright's double off of Rivera in the 8th and Luis Castillo's error on A-Rod's routine pop up giving the Yankees the game, all hell broke loose between bowling alley employee, Julio and a bunch of charactures of what one thinks of when the word d-bag is brought up.

Okay here are the jumbled highlights from the 20 or so minutes of what Kenny so adequately called "Bedlam" in a text message...

- Guy with Rocawear shirt, Rocawear headband, and a giant sort of blinged out cross: "I'm a Yankee fan, but the Mets are where the money's at!"

- Guy drinking out of typical deli coffee cup to the bartender - "Can I get a bottle of Grey Goose?"

- Guy wearing sunglasses in the Bowling Alley Bar to Rocawear Guy - "Why you routing for the Mets"

- In response to above - "If you don't know you better ask somebody!"

- After Castillo's error, jumping up and down, two chairs, middle fingers in Julio's face.

- Julio - "Oh he's going to pay, he's going to pay for this."

- Julio changing the channel from SNY to ESPN.

- Rocawear Headband Guy - "Can I get another glass of white wine? This shit is good."

- Julio throws two to three chairs after the first chair was thrown.

- Julio cursing to no one in particular, the bartender asking us to apologize because there are people in the bar (Riha, Kenny, and I plus some random fat guy), apology issued, and cursing continues.

- Fat Guy - "Who won the Penguins game? Did the Penguins win? What was the score?"

Danny Devito, drunk? More importantly, a Hugh Douglas cameo!!!

(via BWE)

Here's the set up for this interview that took place on Philly's equiviant to Good Day New York- Danny Devito may or may not be drunk, Charlie and Mac pretty much play his straight men, and former All Pro Defensive End for the Eagles, Hugh Douglas is in studio for some reason. Anyway, Season 4 of It's Always Sunny... hits stores on 9/15 and Season 5 should begin sometime around that time, so hopefully the above interview will keep us content for the time being.

Landschaftsschutzgebiet? Rough translation: Caution - Hawks!

Note to self: beware of birds of prey swooping down and possibly attacking me when in Munich, Germany.
(via my co-worker, Thomas who is in fact in Munich right now)

Wednesday Night Delight: Corporate Challenge/Decemberists

(via Organizing The Soup's Flickr)

Last night, I was double booked to the max as I signed up to run the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge for the giant mega corporate law firm that I work for and I told Brian that I'd see the Decemberists with him at Radio City Music Hall (in retrospect I should added both events to my Google calander but it was tough cookies for me, as I didn't). Anyways, I ran the 3.5 run though Central Park in the official time of 37.24 even though it was really somewhere between 30 and 32 minutes as I don't really know long it took me to get the starting line amas the thousands of people running with me. All and all, it was a nice little work out as I had Lil' Wayne's voice running though me head through out which oddly motivated to push harder and harder so I got to the finish line and didn't die which was pretty awesome.

After the run I got myself my free t shirt, went to the east side of the park to get my bag, headed over to the west side to hop in a cab, and it was off to Radio City to see Colin Meloy and all of them preform Hazards of Love at the home of the Rockettes and the X-Mas show. All and all, the show was great other than Brian getting seats in the second to last row in the building but that's what happens when you dilly and dally when buying tickets.

Here's the setlist btws (via Brooklyn Vegan's comments section)

1st half of show:
The Hazards of Love in entirety

2nd half:
Crane Wife 3
July, July!
Billy Liar
The Bachelor and the Bride
Dracula's Daughter
The Chimbley Sweep
Cover of Crazy on You by Heart (joined by Becky Stark of Lavender Diamond and Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond)

Cover of Begin the Begin by REM (joined by Peter Buck)
Sons & Daughters

Is Zach Morris the new Richard Alpert? He has not aged one bit since High School (aside from his College years)

I know this is going to be everywhere today but you're not a human being if you don't at least smile, laugh, and reflect back to watching Saved by the Bell at 5:05 EST on TBS when you were younger while watching this bit.

Nike - Lebron v. Kobe, Le Finale

So that's how Nike wiggled it's self out of Dan v. Dave 2009, and the kid brings up several good points that should make puppet Lebron feel a little bit better.

The Muppets Take Manhattan (Woody Allen's Manhattan, that is)

(Via Gothca Media)

Here's what you need to know this little play on words - The Muppets (Kermit et al) meet Woody Allen's Manhattan, and we have a nice little dialogue mash up.

A-Bomb, Upper Decki by Hidecki.. Same thing, right?

(via Deadspin)

You could say I have a very love/hate relationship with the New York Yankee's Radio announce team of John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman as for every "Text message to right field, you're on the Mark," there's the Roger Clemens in George's Box which is the best thing ever on radio, closely up followed by Francesca's rant on Joba from last week, and yes - Andy Pettite is STARTING PITCHER WHO'S WON OVER A MILLION GAMES but I see both arguments in the Joba Starter/Bullpen debate. Back to the video above, if you've ever heard Sterling call a game, he has home run calls like some Johan Santana has handshakes, one for everyone. You know... ""El Capitan!" for Jeter, the Text message line for Texeria, "Positively Damonic!" for Johnny Damon, and as you can see "A-Bomb" for Hidek... Err, A-Rod. Anyway, enjoy the irony of calling a home run hit by a Japanese dude an A-Bomb on the Tuesday afternoon.

Just like the phone, the tattoo is touch sensitive

Okay, so everyone who has a tattoo is kind of a big idiot (myself included) for branding their body with some design for the rest of their lives but whatever you only live like eight times, right everyone? Right! Anyway, some ideas for a tattoos are the best like the Crazy Swayze Centaur tattoo that I referenced in my first post and some ideas aren't the best like the photo above (via Gizmodo/Pre Central). I'm sure that in hindsight, a free Palm Pre is going to be the coolest in 2019 when he has to explain his tattoo at the beach and has to explain what a cell phone was to a 18 year old girl he's trying to impress.

Anyway, that was post 200 - I think I just came full circle as "they" say.