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Spring Break Log - Day 2

Okay so I'm "spring break" right now and what I mean by spring break is that I took a week off from work and it's technically spring, so I'm on spring break. So night one of Spring Break saw a bunch of yuenglings and stand up from Todd Barry, Kristen Schaal, and
John Mulaney at Moon Work and it was pretty alright alright.

Anyways, Day 2 has been about one thing and one thing only - Friday. Night. Lights. So this Sunday has been me spending some quality time with Riggins, Matt Saracen, Smash Williams, Jason Street, Coach Taylor and family, and of course - Buddy Garrity.

Don't know what day 3 will bring but I'll keep all of you updated but it might be more clear eyes, full hearts with the Dillon Panthers.
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