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My Little Pony - Macgyver Blues

Okay, a few reasons why I'm digging this song:
1) Macgyver was one of the first "big boy" shows that I remember obsessing over when I was a child so all the references are terrific. Come on, he could get himself out of almost any situation with the most obscure household products.
2) I'm a total sucker for any twee/indie pop band from Scandinavia (mostly Sweden) but in this case, Norway.
3) Little guitars and that portable keyboard thingy that you blow in (what's that called b/c I want to learn how to play it)
4) My little dream of living in a European city that won't happen but a boy can dream.
5) I thought this song and the rest of My Little Pony's record Think Too Much is pretty enjoyable if Norwegian indie pop about Macgyver (among other things) is your thing. (It's my thing fyi!)
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