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I WANT THIS: Michael Jackson as Batman statue

So we all know about that Michael Jackson is auctioning off everything from Neverland Ranch because he's poor and may or may not have a flesh eating disease so here's the list and make a list of what you want! It's sort of like a tween boy who's kind of dorky first wet dream (which makes a lot of sense) - a highlight reel of sorts: 100 arcade machine, comic book memorabila, an autographed basketball from Michael Jordan to Michael Jackson, all kinds of Disney memorabilia, castles, limos and other cars, Han Solo in carbonite, Nascar like Go-Karts, the Neverland Ranch Fire truck, and the thing I may want more in the world right now - a Michael Jackson statue dressed as Batman circa Batman/Batman Returns.

So please friends - chip in and we can all own this statue together and by own it together, I mean we can share the statue like divorced parents share their kids under joint custody, and maybe Michael Jackson Batman will grow up to resent us like you did to your divorced parents.
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