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Spring Break Log - Day 4 (Ryan cooks breakfast edition)

Okay, so this morning I got up early for a day off (9:50) and made a "fancy" breakfast - stuffed strawberry and banana french toast. Yeah, I know - Ryan can cook, what the f? Yeah, I dibble and dabble with cooking, I only have like 6 things in my cooking repertoire, and this is up there in the top three.


So here's the recipe if you want(in Ryan speak, not technical food speak), it was really good, no lie:
- 4 pieces of bread (I used cinnamon raisin bread)
- 2 Eggs
- 1 Cup of Milk
- Cream Cheese
- 1 Banana
- 6 Strawberrys
- Cinnamon

Step One - Spread Cream Cheese onto the Bread
Step Two - Place fruit onto bread and combine bread, add cinnamon to bread
Step Three - Mix egg and milk, coat the bref with egg/milk
Step Four - Place French Toast onto frying pan for 5 minutes on medium
Step Five - Flip, fry the other side till ready
Step Six - Enjoy, even my dog did. She didn't really like the fruit on it's own but loved the french toast.

Spring Break Log - Day 2

Okay so I'm "spring break" right now and what I mean by spring break is that I took a week off from work and it's technically spring, so I'm on spring break. So night one of Spring Break saw a bunch of yuenglings and stand up from Todd Barry, Kristen Schaal, and
John Mulaney at Moon Work and it was pretty alright alright.

Anyways, Day 2 has been about one thing and one thing only - Friday. Night. Lights. So this Sunday has been me spending some quality time with Riggins, Matt Saracen, Smash Williams, Jason Street, Coach Taylor and family, and of course - Buddy Garrity.

Don't know what day 3 will bring but I'll keep all of you updated but it might be more clear eyes, full hearts with the Dillon Panthers.

Oh Brotha

So Lost has been pretty great the last couple weeks, right? One thing it's been missing since Jack and them returned to the Island - a certain brother, brotha!

The Smiths - Girlfriend in a Coma

I re-watched The Smiths' video for Girlfriend in a Coma (for like the thousandth time) off Strangeways, Here We Come, and Steven Patrick Morrissey is something else, RIGHT?

Ladamour's in the house (watch your mouth)

(via BWE)

All you need to know - Jerome from Martin has been reincarnated and he's bring male fronted R&B back in the nine under the name of Ladomour with the video for "All we've been through." Pianos, Heartache, Black dude ponytails, half buttoned black shirts, fully open buttoned white ensemables, the beach, longing, desire - it's all there! So watch this video, love this video!


Grizzly Bear and John Norris?

So this picture was done up a little over at Hipster Runoff but still Grizzly Bear @ SXSW with John Norris dressed up all hipster equals my mind being semi blown. Was Kurt Loader busy with the Vivian Girls and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart?

Jam Alert - The Dirty Projectors @ SXSW

The Dirty Projectors @ SXSW

Okay, so the Animal Collective came out months ago, Grizzly Bear's leaked weeks ago, and now we get a little taste of The Dirty Projector's Bitte Orca (via NPR and one of their many SXSW sets) which doesn't come out till June 6th. Anyway, I really liked Rise Above but Dave Longstreth et al really stepped it up, especially with set closer, Stillness is the Move. So listen to this y'all, it's only 20 minutes and it's really really really good, really!

Irish Blood, Sweaty Back Heart

(pic via Brooklyn Vegan)

So Morrissey is playing a bunch of smaller shows (Wellmont, Bowery, Carnegie Hall, and Webster Hall) in the area and because the price is crazy high and I was super slow on ticketmaster/distracted with work at work, I;ll have to be content with that Hammerstein show from a couple years ago which is probably top 6 shows of my lifetime. But anyways - only Moz can sweat out a heart on his back, and I never really mentioned it but Years Of Refusal is a surprisingly great record, you keep expecting him to put out something just okay but he keeps on crooning, and crooning very well I might add.

Dunkin Donuts - Create A Donut Contest

Okay, so this Peanut Butter based donut of my imagination could become reality - A chocolate stick filled with Peanut Butter creme, topped with Peanut Butter with chocolate sprinkles and peanut butter shavings that will be forever known as the Peanut Butter What.

I'm so winning this contest by the way - going up against winners like Andrew P from Boston's Andy's Abberation, Roger W's Roger's Reward, Deb's from NY's Deb's Delicious Donut, the PBW is gonna take the cak... err, the donut.

So enter here but you know you're probably going down.

I wonder how they are going to update C3PO?

(via Star Wars Blog

Last night, I almost had a heinken because one of my friends couldn't prounce yuengling which is the second time that's it's happened recently but that's beside the point. Anyway, I saw this on Gizmodo and since I tend to be superficial and prefer how something looks to how it tastes - I've always liked Heinken's keg cans, and since I've been playing the Lego Star Wars game that Brian let me borrow b/c it's easy and I feel like I can accomplish stuff on it - I've been seeing a lot of R2D2 lately. Combine all that with St. Paddy's day last night, and boom I give you Beer2-D3.

Everyone's favorite "bros" make fart noises

Rudd, Segel, fart noises, you know it. I Love You, Man is out on Friday but I dunno if it can live up to the fart noises.

Love Take Me Down (To The Streets)

So I just re-watched Role Models on DVD and what a surprise a movie that was written by Paul Rudd, David Wain, and Ken Marino holds up very well. One of the best musical jokes of all time is the reference to the maybe Wings' song, Love Take Me Down (To The Streets), which Paul McCartney and Wings never but AD Miles' character along with David Wain's acoustic guitar playing guy in the woods seemed to recollect that it was a Wings song when it was never a song until it was in the credits of Role Models. So the best Wings song (other than Silly Love Songs) was written by Miles and Charles Gansa, and sung by Joey Curatolo, who is Paul in the Beatles tribute band Rain.

Really? with Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan returned to SNL last night and NBC didn't have the Astronaut Jones skit so here's Bill Hader's John Malkovich and Really? with Tracy Morgan which the Tracy Morgan-est the show was other than the Astronaut Jones Skit.

I WANT THIS: Tim Harrington Magnetic Beard

(via Brooklyn Vegan)

This is seriously one of my favorite promotional tools for any band ever! Nice work Les Savy Fay, nice work.

If he only did that in the '95 Playoffs against the Pacers instead of that finger roll

These play on words that Snickers have been plastering everywhere lately have been entertaining me more than they really have any right to; probably because I'm hungry a lot and I see them a lot so I'm always like "that's funny, maybe I should get a Snickers." But anyway, Patrick Ewing is Patrick Chewing in this latest commercial that I could watch on repeat for a while and feel kind of sadish because Ewing decided to play it smooth in the 95 Eastern Conference Semis against the Pacers and go for a Finger Roll instead of a Patrick Chewing like dunk on Rik Smits.

Super Villains - They're just like us (Bailout edition)

So here's Jon Hamm as Lex Luthor pleading for a bailout for Lex-Corp during these not so hot economic times of ours which may or may not be cured by Superman flying around the World backwards to reverse time to solve this mess that we're all in. So get to that flying backwards bit Superman (or Barack Obama, or the Flash who would have to run backwards)!

I WANT THIS: Michael Jackson as Batman statue

So we all know about that Michael Jackson is auctioning off everything from Neverland Ranch because he's poor and may or may not have a flesh eating disease so here's the list and make a list of what you want! It's sort of like a tween boy who's kind of dorky first wet dream (which makes a lot of sense) - a highlight reel of sorts: 100 arcade machine, comic book memorabila, an autographed basketball from Michael Jordan to Michael Jackson, all kinds of Disney memorabilia, castles, limos and other cars, Han Solo in carbonite, Nascar like Go-Karts, the Neverland Ranch Fire truck, and the thing I may want more in the world right now - a Michael Jackson statue dressed as Batman circa Batman/Batman Returns.

So please friends - chip in and we can all own this statue together and by own it together, I mean we can share the statue like divorced parents share their kids under joint custody, and maybe Michael Jackson Batman will grow up to resent us like you did to your divorced parents.

Turtle meet Sneaker, Sneaker meet Turtle

A Turtle humping a sneaker, thank you internet.

Michael, I found your boy. He's with Ben and them, eating Dharma Boneless Chicken Wings in New Otherton

(via Videogum)

Walt from Lost in this commericial for microwavable appetizers which should totally air on Lost when it comes back in a week just so everyone would be like WALTTTTTTTTTTTT. Anyways, do you think he has his friends over to his house and makes them sparow wings that he made thanks to his freakish powers that were never really explained?

Happy (or sad) Biggie Day

Notorious B.I.G. - Party & Bullshit - Ratatat

Okay, you all know that I think Biggie Smalls was the greatest rapper ever (even though Kenny will be like durr so and so is better) and it's been 12 years since Puffy was inspired and we lost the best ever. But anyways, up top is Ratatat's remix of Party and Bullshit so enjoy peoples.

Chimpanzee riding on a segway

Things like this make me forget about things like Travis. Maybe I'll get a Chimp after all and we can act out some moments like this with the chimp as GOB and me as Michael Bluth, or we can just have segway races and I'd let the chimp win every couple of times so he doesn't go all crazy on me.

More goodness from Merge Records 20th Anniversary

Merge Records turns 20 this year and the label is doing a whole bunch of this and that to celebrate it including celeb curated box set of the label's best,the Merge XX fest, and now this covers comp entitled Score which by the looks of it will be cramazing. Everything looks really great but St. Vincent and the National teaming up, BSS, Ryan Adams, Apples In Stereos' take on fellow Elephant Sixer's NMH, Jens Lekman and Tracey Thorn, UGH THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT!

Here's the tracklist in full and it comes out on April 7th:
01 Quasi: "Beautiful Things" (3Ds cover)
02 Les Savy Fav: "Precision Auto" (Superchunk cover)
03 The Shins: "Plenty Is Never Enough" (Tenement Halls cover)
04 St. Vincent and the National: "Sleep All Summer" (Crooked Fingers cover)
05 Broken Social Scene: "Complications" (The Clean cover)
06 Ryan Adams: "Like a Fool" (Superchunk cover)
07 Bright Eyes: "Papa Was a Rodeo" (Magnetic Fields cover)
08 Lavender Diamond: "New Ways of Living" (Destroyer cover)
09 The Apples in Stereo: "King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 3" (Neutral Milk Hotel cover)
10 Laura Cantrell: "Cowboy on the Moon" (Lambchop cover)
11 Bill Callahan: "Santa Maria" (Versus cover)
12 Barbara Manning: "Through With People" (Portastatic cover)
13 The Mountain Goats: "Drug Life" (East River Pipe cover)
14 The New Pornographers: "Don't Destroy This Night" (Rock*A*Teens cover)
15 Tracey Thorn and Jens Lekman: "Yeah! Oh, Yeah!" (Magnetic Fields cover)
16 The Hive Dwellers: "My Noise" (Superchunk cover)
17 Ted Leo & the Pharmacists: "The Numbered Head" (Robert Pollard cover)
18 Okkervil River: "All You Little Suckers" (East River Pipe cover)
19 Death Cab for Cutie: "Kicked In" (Superchunk cover)
20 Times New Viking: "Neighborhood #1" (Arcade Fire cover)
(via Pitchfork)

Jerry, George, Kramer, Elaine, Larry, and Leon?

EW has learned exclusively that the four stars of NBC’s long-running comedy — Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, and Michael Richards — will be featured in a multiple-episode story arc on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm this fall. The cameos will mark the first time that all four actors have appeared together in a scripted TV show since Seinfeld went off the air nearly 11 years ago.

So a little math here...

Jerry, Kramer, Elaine, and George in the episode when they get lost in the mall parking lot


LD, Larry David and his new brother in law, Leon
Why Ryan really should re-subscribe to HBO.

Grizzly Bear's Veckatimest - I want to go to there

So the new Grizzly Bear record, Veckatimest leaked onto the internets this week and what a suprise, it's ungodly good. Now if Veckatimest is a place (the record, not the actual island off of Massachusetts) then I want to go to there. Veckatimiest is in stores in May and I can't stress how good the record is; above is While You Wait For The Others as preformed @ the Brooklyn Academy of Music last weekend while I was sick in bed.

I would have been happy with just the giant check.

Okay, so the College Humor show on MTV isn't the State (I always compare sketch shows on MTV to the State and it's always unfair to the comparee) but it's still very watchable and has a lot of moments. Anyway, forever ago Afif was like watch the Prank War series on College Humor and I did, so it's really cruel, really funny, and y'all should check it out if you haven't. So anyways - the latest one is up there on the cruelty scale with blindfolded half court shots, thousands of dollars, and giant checks and it kind of makes me want to get back into the prank game but then I think about when I get pranked and turn white like a ghost and it' kind of embarrassing considering my skin pigment is really white to begin with.

Future Ryan can't wait for this flying car

(via likecool)

So when I think future, I think the Jetsons and when I think flying cars, so this concept car by Audi called the Shark means where a couple hundred steps closer to the future I envisioned when I was little. And by that future I mean - Spacely Sprockets, Robot Maids (see Roombas), and walking dogs on treadmills (see dogs on treadmills), and Holograms (see Will I Am on election night), so I guess if this car being actually getting built means we'd be in the future, right?

My Little Pony - Macgyver Blues

Okay, a few reasons why I'm digging this song:
1) Macgyver was one of the first "big boy" shows that I remember obsessing over when I was a child so all the references are terrific. Come on, he could get himself out of almost any situation with the most obscure household products.
2) I'm a total sucker for any twee/indie pop band from Scandinavia (mostly Sweden) but in this case, Norway.
3) Little guitars and that portable keyboard thingy that you blow in (what's that called b/c I want to learn how to play it)
4) My little dream of living in a European city that won't happen but a boy can dream.
5) I thought this song and the rest of My Little Pony's record Think Too Much is pretty enjoyable if Norwegian indie pop about Macgyver (among other things) is your thing. (It's my thing fyi!)