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What do the Wu Tang Clan, Kanye West, and the Puppy Bowl have in common?

Okay, so being stuck in bed being sick for the past couple days isn't fun at all BUT it has allowed me to catch up on my Netflix, my DVR, and other things to watch that I probably would have put off.

I watched the Wu: The Story of the Wu Tang Clan documentary and for something that was on "Very Long Wait" forever, it was kind of meh. Enter The Wu (36 chambers) is a milestone record that changed hip hop but the documentary was more Iron Flag than Enter the Wu or Wu Tang Forever. So yeah it wasn't that great but then again, I think King of Kong kind of set the bar for any documentary for me and if doesn't have this guy, I'm gonna be disappointed to some degree.

What I wasn't disappointed in was this 1999 interview that the late, great Ol' Dirty Bastard had with MTV's John Norris on MTV News 15/15 (via Nerve.com) and you know they don't make crazy like they did with Dirt McGirt as he really broke the crazy dude mold when he was made.

I also caught the Kayne Storytellers on VH1, and the man killed it as you can see here with Heartless/Pinocchio Story. Also I'm watching the Puppy Bowl (as I said, I'm catching up on the DVR) right now and during the commercials, Animal Planet was using Stronger for some show about Jockeys, I think Daft Punk and 'Ye would be proud, don't you?

Anyways back to some Orange, Strawberry, Banana juice and more puppy bowl...
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