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ProStars 2009 - Get to it Saturday Morning Cartoon Execs

I was talking to Brian about the Pro Stars today, and I think it's time for a remake of probably my 4th favorite Saturday morning cartoon (Turtles, Ghostbusters, That Mario cartoon that wasn't with Captain Lou). So obviously we can't cast MJ, The Great One, and Bo Knows as The Pro Stars as two of them run teams (one of them quite badly and I don't know what Gretzky is doing with his team), and Bo runs the Bo Jackson Elite Sports Complex

So according to this review of the show, the three great athletes who fight crime and save the world are a team are broken down as the brains (Michael), the dummy (Wayne), and the brawn(Bo). While it was easy in 1991 to find the three greatest athletes and type cast them, it's hardier in 2009, so I'm gonna have a bevy of athletes for each role, and by bevy I mean three.

THE BRAINS aka Michael Jordan wearing a t-shirt under a basketball jersey:

Lebron James and a Lion, if I was a criminal I'd turn myself in

A-Rod who would organize meetings at Poker games, kind of like Oceans 11 but not at all.

Peyton Manning who would have to rescue Eli on countless episodes.

The DUMBY aka Wayne Gretzky who may or may not be a pot head

Ben who would keep on drinking like a champion.

Michael Phelps who would insert pot joke (pic via ONTD)

Greg Oden who would be old enough to be these girls' father but really is only 21. Really?

THE MUSCLE aka Bo Jackson who isn't relevant in 2009

Dwight Howard who would be a real life superhero

Brandon Jacobs who would just run people over with or without that truck behind him.

CC Sabathiha who would imagine enemies as junk food and fight crime on 3 days rest. (pic via the Onion)
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