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New York Papers on Travis "the killer" Chimp

I'm probably enjoying this story on Travis the Chimp more than I should be; I understand that he almost killed a family friend, went on a rampage, and had to be killed by the Stamford Police BUT this little dude was on TV, weighed 20-25 lbs more than me (he's 200, so do the math) drank wine, rode in cars, drank tea, popped pills, ate like a human being, and was a better hang than some guy's nephews (which is plural). So I'm kind of considering purchasing a chimp, naming him Levon (Awww Yeah!), dressing him up like this and moving to the CT because I'd assume owning a chimp in New York may possibly be illegal.

What's not illegal in New York though is puns, as obvious from the two bestest papers in town - The Daily News and the Post, and here is what they had to say about Travy Trav.

The Post:

The Daily News:
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