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McGriddle, watch you back!

On my way to get a chicken cheesesteak today from Carl's today I passed Dunkin Donuts and saw the above picture in the window. It looks like we have a contender for king of breakfast sandwiches (that will lead to obesity) as Dunkin Donuts just rolled out the Waffle Breakfast sandwich with Bacon, Egg, Cheese sandwiched between two waffles. I'm not sure if it's infused with a syrup like substance like the McGriddle though. I may or may not be trying out Dunkin Donuts latest and greatest, depends on if I'm feeling heart attacky in the morning.

On the topic of cramazing foods that are probably really bad for you - Carl's has introduced it's "Late Night Bomber" which features - Fries topped with cheese wiz and your choice of meat (chicken or steak) topped with more fries and more cheese wiz! Again gang, I don't know if I'll man up to try it BUT if I'm ever feeling heart attacky at night, I might just.
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