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Paul Rudd - "I got shot." Other guy - "Paul Rudd just got shot."

(video from Videogum, obvs)

I was all like watch Delocated the other day in my post with the Grammy videos that were taken down (and I had to find new ones) but did you? I bet if your name isn't Afif, you probably didn't. If you did, we are better friends for it because you know what's up. And by what's up I mean - you understand that Jon Glaser playing a member of the witness protection program starting in a reality show who is being hunted by the Russian mob is funny and worth watching. B

But anyway, if you didn't you missed this on last night's Delocated - Paul Rudd or rather Paul Rudd playing a fictional version of himself was killed by Yvgeny Mirminsky (Eugene Mirmin). So anyway watch this and laugh at all the movies that your fake Valentine, Paul Rudd was in, and hope that Rudd didn't die in vein.
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