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Hodgepodge of videos to watch

Jon Glaser's Delocated premieres on Thursday night on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, I'd say watch it if I was you as the premise of Glaser and his family on a reality show as members of the Witness Protection Program with the mob after them seems like it'll be what's up. Everyone is raving about it, I've only seen this promo and a couple of scenes but add me to the rave list.

THE highlight of last night's Grammy awards, Radiohead and the USC marching band doing 15 Step, amazing. Thom Yorke kills it here, and I kinda/sorta want to be him.

THE OTHER highlight of the Grammys: PreggersIA, Kanye, Jay-Z, Lil' Wayne, and TI with Swagga Like Us. One thing though - Is Wayne too good for a bow tie?

I've never watched any CSI show ever but I will tonight as Diddy guest stars as a hot shot defense attorney. Fingers crossed that we get a spinoff - either CSI Diddy Blogs or CSI: Diddy Defense Attorney at Large.
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