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Breakfast: It's for dogs now too!

To say dog owners as a group of people take it too far at times with their love of their pets wouldn't be far from the truth at all. I probably do as in the last couple of months, I spent a sizable amount of money on things my dog doesn't really need such but I thought "this is kind of cool." Examples of this include retractable leashes, plush toys, a reindeer outfit (for no reason), and a Snoopy Ski Vest which is probably the best thing an animal could ever wear.

So my dog eats Ceasar's Canine Cuisine which is like fancy feast for little dog's and now they are marketing breakfast dog food dubbed Cesar Sunrise in three new varies:

Steak and Eggs for the small dog with the big appetite.

Chicken and Cheddar Souffle for the comfort food lover in your companion!

Smoked Bacon and Eggs for the traditional breakfast lover!

I dunno what to say but I'll ask my dog if she wants to try these exciting varities which I'm sure she'll respond by barking once for yes or twice for no, or she'll just go walk away to go play with one of her 800 toys.
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