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Knicks to Steph - "You look well" (in about 5 months on the street with his new boyfriend, the Boston Celtics)

You know when you're in a relationship and the break up makes sense for both parties involved, and when the two of you break up, you kind of wish you didn't? Well, I don't in this case, bye bye Starbury, I hope it won't be awkward when you and your new team comes back to the Garden. Oh wait, it won't cause the Celtics and the Knicks won't be playing each other for the rest of the year, unless the playoffs and then it'll be pretty awkward. But if you win a ring with the Celts and show it off to us when you happen to be in town on 34th and 7th, the Knicks might turn into Woody Allen or something as equally awkward.
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