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Best new Lost theory ever!

Matthew Abaddon is Walt from the Future sent back to help everyone play out there roles on the island. Proof…

They are the only two character(s) to call John “Mr. Locke”. - Walt and Abaddon.

(Little know fact for a brief period of Time Walt runs a special Drug Task force in Baltimore)

(Via Paul Scheer)

Lost has been mind f-ing me all season long but how great would this be even though it'd make absolutely no sense and I just really like the reference to Cedric Daniels. Let's just combine both worlds of the Wire and Lost, it'd be so great - time traveling Jimmy McNulty and Bunk somehow wind up investigating the purge of the Dharma Initiative as orchestrated by Ben Linus or Sayid and future Walt, Cedric Daniels team up to Avon Barksdale and Stringer Bell! Okay, I can do this all day...

And if you really want to go nuts - what about the time future Walt, his dad wheel chair bound Michael, and even crazier Mr. Ecko were all in jail together in Oz? Wrap your heads around that...
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