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Being kind of sort of sentimental - Late Night w/ Conan edition

Okay peepiscles, I know he's only moving to LA and a hour earlier and he's keep the same writing staff and Max is coming with the Max Weinberg Seven, and all that but I'm still kind of jears about it. Living in New York, I've been to Conan three times plus that other time where we were late and they didn't let us in but that's the point, Conan (and Late Night in general) has always been kind of intertwined with my sense of humor since middle school (including a joke from one of my friends about the time I was the King of the World and how I was supposed to be on Conan but they ran out of time and I was introduced as the credits were airing) but everything from the obvious bits like Triumph, The Year 2000, The Masturbating Bear, The Walker Lever to stuff like Pierre Bernard's Recliner of Rage, Conan and Max hanging with Joel Godard, Amy Poehler as Andy's sister, and so on and so on was every synonym of hilarious that you can possible look uo. Oh yeah, bearded Conan during the writer's strike was the shit, am I right? I definitely may have possible could have jeared when he shaved it. Anyways - I'm gonna miss you Conezy, I know you still have to follow that son of b, Jay Leno but at least I might be awake when you're on TV now which will be a first since I've been a "grown up" and maybe you can take Norm up on his offer of hanging out with him, maybe the new Tonight Show can just be you and him, for a hour, please?
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