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Starter Jackets, a retrospective

Okay anyone who was anyone in Grade School had a Starter Jacket, so I was someone in grade school with like 3 or 4 different Starter Jackets but when I hit middle school with my satin Rangers jacket, it was made fun of and that was the end of Ryan and his starter jacker phase. Question is was it a pull over Starter or the satin button up?

A couple of quality Starter jackets for all you to reflect on, reminess on, or even wear now as it is Starter pullover weather; and you know if you're wearing the S, you'll probably be the envy of all your friends.

The Denver Broncos Pullover-

The teal Detroit Pistons Satin -

The Saint Louis Blues Pullover-

The California Angels Satin -

The Florida Panters pullover -

The Milwaukee Bucks Satin -

The Notre Dame Pullover (possibly worn by Dennis Holden) -

The Detroit Lions Satin -

The Toronto Raptors Pullover -

The very understated LA Rams satin -

The New York Knicks Pullover -

The Edmonton Oilers satin -

The Utah Jazz pullover -

The Miami Dolphin Satin -

The Hartford Whalers pullover -

Now these are available on the Ebay and for decent prices, so if you don't mind wearing vintage starter jackets worn by god knows who, I'd consider bidding on these if I was you since a Starter jacket are the warmest jacket known to man and it's pretty cold out there right about now.
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