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2009 Goals - To remake the Victory video

So last weekend I was kind of obsessed with the video for Journey's Seperate Ways and on my to do list was to make a remake of said video, but of course the internet always beats me to it and this was made!

So I got to thinking and as you know I've been obsessed with Biggie of late, and have been LOVING BIG's verses in Puffy's Victory off the No Way Out record, and as perfect as Biggie's verses are, the video is even more PERFECTER (which isn't a word so be it). So I'm going to re-create the video as seen below sometime this year and it's gonna be something else I'll tell you.

So for this remake I will need -
- Someone to play Danny Devito's reporter character.
- Someone to play Dennis Hopper's President Victor Castiglione character
- Someone to play Busta Rhyme's feathered gargoyle character to spit "We got the real live shit from from to back, to my people in the world..." line.
- Someone to play the ghost of Biggie, or even better if I can get the ghost of Biggie. So maybe I'll be able some how get the ghost of the Notorious BIG without doing the Biggie Smalls thing on South Park and he doesn't kill me, I have a chance!
- Sunglasses
- A leather duster
- A set to re-create the year 3002 which is still almost a thousand years away.
- A Swat team to chase me around.
- A truck to almost run me down.
- A harem of good looking video girls and suave looking guys to hang out with President Victor Castiglione.
- An explosion machine.
- A fake rain machine.
- Statues for my Busta to perch on during the chorus.
- A possible stunt double for me if I'm not able to do the stunts that Puffy's stunt double did in the video, even though if Puffy did his stunts so will I.
- The amount of money that it cost to make the original, 2.7 million dollars. Maybe I can do it on $270, I won't come off like P Diddy though.

Still we can make this a joint effort and re-create the Victory video, it would be a very proud day for all of us. So to quote Puffy, "what are we gonna do now?"

PS -
If you want in, please submit what you'd like to do in the comments section.
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