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The year in Ryan (2008 edition)

2008! 2008! (over and over again) - Here are 8 of my favorite things from the year that was (or wasn't):

1) I'm From Barcelona @ Maxwell's in Hoboken
Okay, so I saw the 28 piece at McCarren Pool in '07 but seeing Emanuel Lundgren and his Swedish co-horts kind of sort of fit on the ridiculously small stage of Maxwell's (second only the cramped stage at the soon to be defunct Knitting Factory in Tribeca) gave me the same child like euphoria that I had when played with my Peter Venkman and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man toys at my sister's kindergarten graduation back in '88. A set filled with oversleeping, the chicken pox, the other song about paper planes, and my personal entrance theme of the year (and maybe next) Mingus which is seemingly about not really growing up. Balloons, confetti, conga lines, and having Emanuel stand between me and my friend Brian, shurg and go on stage for an encore while the rest of the band was onstage (since it'd be kind of silly to get 20 plus people on and off the stage for a traditional encore) was pretty much the best.

Greatest fan moment of my lifetime - the catch, the defense coming up big in all the key spots, a guy who would later shoot himself in the leg while wear sweatpants coming up with the game winning touch down, Nick Patty and Brian's shitty playoff beards, 18-1, yeah you know the story. A story you might not know is that Brian went to get coffee at the parade and I didn't end up seeing till hours later, then we went uptown, got somesushi for lunch, and felt like fool as chopsticks, nice sushi places, and Giants jerseys don't traditionally mix. Also I kind of felt like a creep by myself after Brian got moved to somewhere else in the Canyon of Heroes but I saw Strahan hold the Lombardi trophy and it was all good.

3) Andy Samburg? Funny?
I finally turned around on Samburg with the Mark Wahlberg talking to animals skit which is up there on my favorite funnies of 08.

4) El Fuego - Better than the Lions (and the Cougars)
I have no business playing flag football (and half of my teammates didn't either) since I spent most of high school trying to avoid PE class (expect for during floor hockey and basketball) but myself and Kenny are oddly competitive and found ourselves spending 60 % of our work weeks trying to figure out how to win at least one game during our two seasons with the Tappen Zee Flag Football league. And guess what? It worked! Granted we had eight on six advantage, won by only a couple of points, and were credited for a loss by the flag football website - I'll always remember the time I actually sacked the sacked the quarterback and The Flame/Fire/Fuego silenced the other teams cheering section and won a game that we probably should have lost (while we lost a lot of the other games we should have won). In regards to the above picture, this is what is probably happening: Marc is making a valid point about one of our team's weaker points, Kenny is pretending to be a robot, and I'm bitching about someone screwing up. So yeah - 1-16 is still better than 0-16 even if it's in the C division of flag football league in the NY Tri State area.

5) My Halloween costume and going to the bank in said costume
I decided to take a risk and dress up as an Olympic wrestler for this year's Halloween. Someone (I'm not naming names but he was Seth Rogen for Halloween) decided to film my visit the ATM (as seen above) but I think I pulled it off the costume and was able to handle my withdrawal of 200 dollars. Not pictured or videotaped - my train ride back home and/or walk home which resulted in a conversation that I'd rather not relive and a discarded cup somewhere on First Street in Yonkers. But I did get a sweet jacket from my friend Jess that I'll eventually wear again because she thought it'd be kind of stupid for me to get a cab/walk home at 4 AM in cut off t shirt and wrestling singlet.

6) The Horse from the of Montreal show
Joking with the fabulous Aboudi brothers about the horse before, during, and after the show might crack the top 15 moment in my life list, just sayin!

7)World Super Hero Registry
The fact that there are real life "super heroes" out there kind of blows my mind when I think about it. With heroes like Captain Jackson, Geist (not to be confused to the family on 30 Rock including Don, Kathy, and son-in law Devin Banks), and the above Super Hero (great name, right?) their existence makes me sleep a little easier at night (or worse come to think of it.)

8) Everything else!
Kevin on Gary Unmarried! Brian's shitty radio show (with not enough Brian)! Forgetting Sarah Marshall! Role Models! My Dog - Lulu! Milk! Tracy Morgan! Lil' Wayne! David Wain! Hipster runoff! Burke's Bar and how they had dollar yeunglings for a minute! Disney World! Being a guest on Dennis' podcast! Baked Potato Soup! Norm Mcdonald! Barack! My friends blogs! HD TV! The Wire! 30 Rock! It's Always Sunny! John Hamm (and Mad Men)! Hating Michael Phelps! Shooting yourselves in the leg while wearing sweatpants! Rusty Aboudi! Flannel Shirts! Grunge Jack! Lost! Tubing in upstate New York! Crow tattoos and heart/skull tattoos! NBA 2K9! Winning the 50/50 at Burkes! Being addicted to the 50/50 like I was Brandon Walsh and it was real gambling! The tragic end of Mike and the Mad Dog! The Dark Knight! Radiohead! Drunk Strangers getting to comfortable with me at shows and me getting the hell out of there! The Hood Internet! Everything else!
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