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Supporting Friends Vol. 2 - Kevin UnMarried

So a little bit after Labor Day, my friend Kevin upped and headed west to follow the American dream to become a big star out in Hollywood and make trillons of dollars. Things are looking good for Kevin - he ended my fantasy football season, he's living in Venice Beach with his cool roommates who I assume are pro wrestler Sting (one of the few people who I know of from Venice Beach) and Robocop is well, Robocop; and he's gotten out of the shitty music scene of Yonkers, New York. While he doesn't have his own radio show, he was an extra on below average CBS sitcom, Gary Unmarried.

As you can see Kevin shares the screen with television/movie/radio/videogame star, Jay Mohr who is in line to score 3 tickets to see Springsteen to get back at his ex-wife for buying Michael Bolton tickets for her/Jay Mohr's kids first concert. Kevin in the role of "Calvin" (character didn't have a name so I felt the need to give him one) does an exceptional job of carrying the scene - waiting on line, getting his elbow in a shot, and even doing the "BRUUUUCCCEEE" a couple times in unison with his fellow line members.

There were a couple of more scenes but thanks to the magic of DVR, I was able to fast forward through Gary Unmarried but here's the run down from Dennis Holden - Jay Mohr and ex-Mrs. Jay Mohr fight about Bruce v. Michael Bolton, Jay Mohr's kids are upset, and Stan Sitwell devises a plan where the entire Jay Mohr family gets go see the Boss.

At the end of the show, Jay Mohr, ex Mrs. Jay Mohr, Jay Mohr's kids, and Kevin get into the Springsteen show and wait for Bruce and the E Street Band to hit the stage, the lights go down, and you guess it - the Boss hits the stage. But we never see Bruce since rumor has it(no one in specific told me this though) - the budget called for Jay Mohr, Kevin, and Springsteen but they could only afford two out of the three. Bruce wanted 3 million, Kevin was okay doing it for 50 bucks and a vegetarian lunch from craft services.

A couple of things to wrap it up -
1) Kevin is a fan of the Boss but not a huge fan of his, I dunno if he'd wait in line for tickets like his character did.
2) Kevin usually craigslists tickets if they are sold out but maybe things are tough in LA.
3) The last time I went to a show with Kevin, we saw Radiohead in August, and he didn't do the fingers crossed deal that he did on the show. I liked that little bit of acting he did there so kudos Kev.
4) All and all, I watched Gary Unmarried on a DVR and went to CBS for screen caps, so Kevin's appearance drew a couple of viewers to a show that might need more viewers.

PS to Kevin - Why couldn't you have been an extra on 30 Rock, Kevin? It would have been a win-win situation for both of us as it wouldn't have involved Jay Mohr and you could have done your Tracy Morgan impression to the real Tracy Morgan.
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