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On this Thanksgiving

I'm thankful for Weezy F Baby and all his ridiculousness.

Fantasy football math

In other words - Ryan's The David Bowies (159.72) > Brian's The Total Package (91.16)

So which one is Jimmy?

I remember reading in Chuck Klosterman's Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs about the Guns and Roses' tribute band, Paradise City, and the concept of a tribute band is always weird bc you're paying to see a glorified note for note cover band to dress up like a band that they are paying "tribute" to.

But would you see a Beatles tribute band that A) doesn't look like John, Paul, George, and Ringo and B) Contains Max Weinberg 7 member (and leader of the 7 when Max is on tour with Bruce) Jimmy Vivino? Do you think Conan will be there? Max? Bruce? The Fed Ex Pope? We'll probably never know though.

The Pros & Cons of buying a 1981 DeLorean off ebay

So there's a auction over at eBay motors that has a 1981 DeLorean going for about $13,000, and don't think for a second that I haven't considered it. Like other great minds, when I have a huge decision to make - I go to my legal pad, split it down the middle and make a Pro's/Con's list.

The possibility of time travel like in the Back To The Future trilogy.

The technology for the Flux Capacitor is still not available in the 23 years since the original Back To The Future.

I know someone who bares a resemblance to Doc Brown and he worked for NASA, maybe he can find away to turn the DeLorean into a time travel device, maybe I'll be able to get that hover board skateboard.

Back To The Future 2 occurs in 2015, the technology for the hover board skateboard is only 5 to 6 years away at the least.

The doors are non-traditional and opening them is always a cool visual.

The doors are not very practical, may be hard to park in mall parking lots during the Holiday Season.


It only has 7,000 miles on it, that's pretty impressive for a 27 year old car.

It's a car from 1981, parts may be hard to find.

I'd be the guy driving a 1981 DeLorean.

I don't have a driver's license, leaving all of this debate null. Guess I'm sticking to my metrocard for now.

No go on the DeLorean for now due to the lack of a license, maybe some day.

Earth, Wind, and Fire, Higher and Higher

"We're capable of doing anything, You might see one of us fly one day, you never know."
Just imagine the picture above with 265 lb Jacobs in the sky instead of on a football field, it can happen! Yes, we can, Yes we can (I'm taking it over now that all the Barack stuff is done and will be using it in reference to a possible Back to Back for the G-Men.)

Of Montreal - Dayman

So if Dennis and Charlie from It's Always Sunny's band, the Electic Dream Machine was a real band, they might as well be Of Montreal. With Dennis' love for spandex and being shirtless and Charlie's love for horses, I don't think the comparison with the EDM and Of Montreal is that far off. Of Montreal has always been a band to throwh a cover in their set and on this Fall tour, they've covered Nirvana, REM, Franz Ferdinand, and now the Electric Dream Machine's Dayman. Also be fair warned, apparently there will be a Dayman/Nightman musical sometime this season on Sunny, so the master of karate and friendship will be back soon...

Supporting Friends Vol 1. - Brian DeOliveira, Radio Disc Jockey

My "bro," Brian (and some dude named Howie) loves academia and his Alma mater, Pace University so much that at even though he's been out of school for what feels like forever, he's back at the college radio station doing college radio. Granted Brian is employed by Pace to do something with computers and is the "staff liaison" to the radio station and since I have nothing better to do on a Tuesday night, I'm going to live blog Brian's return to college radio!!!

"We get off in two minutes" (bad title, Bri, you're better than that) and they play Help by the Beatles.

- Brian didn't bring Howie coffee, he's drinking starbucks b/c he still loves Kevin Spodnick who used to work at Starbucks before he went to California to be an extra in Gary Unmarried and change his band name to an obscure reference to the coach to the best coach in Atlanta Hawks history.

- Talk about speeding tickets, blow torches, flame throwers versus guns in combating Zombies.

- I don't know Barry and I'm not laughing.

- The George Bush is a dude debate is back, and I agree with Brian, he's a dude in the sense that we'd drink with him, shoot darts, re-enact the Harold/Kumar 2 scene. Now some Palin talk, a week late Bri-tor.

- 5 listeners, I thought there was 6 listeners earlier.

- Something about a "best friend" and a triangle with Brian, as Brian's best friend for the last 8 years or so, I don't know any of this.

- I know Jermaine, he "played" for El Fuego, the flag football team that myself, Brian, and Kenny Jimenez spear headed to 1 solid victory out of 16 games.

- I went to Pace University for a pysch class back b/c I needed an extra credit so I guess I'm the target audience.

- Racial "color" jokes, is the FCC listening? Bad "bush" jokes? This is failing Brian, I like your idea of silence.

- Brian's a beer connoisseur apparently, well he kind of is though.

- "Dean Dean" going into Doctor DeOliveria, a stand by Brian joke (funnier than any Howie joke).

- Somehow the talk gets cut off and Chris Brown's Heart Ain't A Brain is played, not 100 % Brian has ever even heard of that song.

- My Macbook got all screwed up so I missed like 10 minutes of the show but I don't know if I missed much. Lots of Pace references that I don't get but whatever, it's okay.

- Brian has abbreviated that the show's name should be Two Minutes, I like it a lot better than that.

- Ice Cream? Whipped Cream?

Listen to Brian and Howie on Two Minutes, Tuesday Nights at 8 PM on WPAW.

How many days away is January 21st?

Lost comes back on January 21st, can't wait, CAN'T WAIT. Jihn (possibly dead), Michael(definitely dead), Claire (could be a ghost), Jack with a stupid leather jacket, Sawyer with a cool leather jacket, Ben, Sayid giving them sexy, it's so on.

A confrontation I can get behind

Okay so they did this before live at Michael Ian Black/Michael Showalter's stand up show at Irving Plaza in 06 that Wain MCed but Role Models is out today, and David Wain is great, Paul Rudd is great, and it's Confrontation Les Miserables, you cannot go wrong. There's so much press for Role Models, it kind of blowing my mind a little bit but go see it, Bobbie J Thompson from the Shutterbugs sketch on Human Giant also stars, it's going to be adorable in addition to hilarious.

Happy Election Day

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Ok so Lando is Barack, the Emperor is McCain, Chewie is Joe Biden, and Sarah Palin is Jar Jar Binks, that's all you need to know about today. Go out and vote people.

Softcore porn for Sneakerheads

King Lebron James (with afro wig and sunglasses, the head Pussycat Doll, and Lebron's fish named Sir Charles teamed up for this ridiculous commercial from Lebron's new Zoom 6 sneaker. The Zoom 6 are nice but are no where near as awesome as the sneaker that wins best sneaker named after the best music video of all time award, the Nike SB Mid November Rain. The NBA is back, where anything's possible.