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Tracy Morgan, Conan, Crazyiness and Laughther ensues

I love you Tracy Morgan even though you are the craziest man on the face of the planet. Everyone here's a sublminal message for tonight - WATCH30ROCKWATCH30ROCKWATCH30ROCKWATCH30ROCKWATCH30ROCKWATCH30ROCKWATCH30ROCKWATCH30ROCK

And Lorne, make SNL happen for Tracy, he's the best ever, it'll can't be as bad as when Chris Farley came back? (too much?)

How does he do it? That's how!

I might even want to run away with Don Draper.

McCainiacs back in action

My friend, Afif is loving these crazy McCainiacs videos where they spout their ill-informed views of Sweet Barry O.

Here's my favs of this video:

"A monkey President" - A little blond girl doing a monkey impersonation,

"Hussein, that's cool" - the dude in the tan jacket

"His wife made him say he's a Christian" - guy with mustache

"The world's coming to an end bc of you people" - a little girl with dirty blond hair

"I want to be an American" - Hat/transistor lenses combo

"Socialist, Socialist" - Red beret with leather jacket

"Communist, Communist" - Lady with McCain/Palin banner

"Stupid Bum" Crumbie old man

Why can't Onion editorals be true?

When Life Gets You Down, Sometimes You Just Have To Make 'D4: The Mighty Ducks' Yourself

One last go around with Gordon Bombay and the crew? Ducks fly together, right? I'd really like to know what happens to one in life after a successful run in Pee Wee Hockey, the Junior Goodwill Games, and beating the Varsity Hockey team at prep school.

Neutral Milk Hotel - Engine

Last weekend, Jeff Mangum made an appearance at the Elephant 6 show at the Knitting Factory and internet went bananas. Last night at the Elephant 6 show in Pittsburgh, Mangum showed up again and played Engine along with Julian Koster, and I go bananas along the with Internet. Hopefully a better video will surface but still OMG you guys, Coachella maybe?

Palin puts the G in GOP (sorry, bad joke)

Palin was on SNL last night and while the cold open had Tina Fey, Lorne, Alec Baldwin, and Mark Wahlberg, did it have Jason Sedaris with a drawn on goatee and a moose? I think not...

Another Breaking It Up video

Is there really a need for an alternate live version of Lykke Li's Breaking It Up?

Breaking it up – alternative live video. Filmed by: Christian Haag from Lykke Li on Vimeo.

The answer is yes btw.

SelfDefenseGuy for NFLDresshirts.com is a fraud

So I saw this little video on Deadspin where the SelfDefenseGuy of SelfDefenseGuy.com shills $200 dollar semi custom made dress shirts for guys like him,"the average guy who loves football and hates to get dressed up."

If you're the average guy who wants to something classier than Steelers logos on your shoulders and Pittsburgh Steelers football on your back, maybe you should go with this doozy, and it's only 60 US Dollars, I know it's a deal and it doesn't scream white trash or hillbilly -

Kevin Barnes rides a horse, sings of Sing the D.

Seeing Of Montreal last night was like sensory overload for sure, Kevin Barnes' and co really brought one of the most unique and entertaining stage shows to New York's Roseland Ballroom last night. Really showcasing the new record, Skeletal Lamping, Of Montreal had a hour and a half and then some set featuring a stage show that saw ninjas, cowboys, John McCain masks, soldiers, dudes with mustaches in their underwear lifting weights, Kevin Barnes' wardrobe changes (Prince esque to start - shiny jackets. a cheetah jacket, covered in "blood," a centaur, and covered in shaving cream), Smells Like Teen Spirit, and a horse as picture above with Barnes' singing the ever so great St. Exquisite’s Confessions with lyrics like "I'm sucking the dick of this cruel cruel city" while caressing his white horse in his underwear.

Side story on the horse, before the show I was walking behind Roseland with the fabulous Aboudi brothers and we saw said horse. Knowing that there was a possibility for an appearance during the set led for anticipation like a kid on Christmas morning. Lots of Barnes and Horse jokes were in store during Sweden's Love Is All's set which was also pretty enjoyable.

But in summation, next time Of Montreal is around, see them. I passed up the National and Grizzly Bear @ Hammerstein for the New York Magazines's 40th anniversary party with Stella MCing, and you know I think I made the right choice.