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Lykke Li, El Perro Del Mar, Kazoos, Take away shows

by lablogotheque

I don't need to say how great this video is or how great the country of Sweden is, or La Blogotheque is, but I will - they are all so great!

PS I like kazoos too.

The Mayor of Gotham City

How great was Richard Alpert as the mayor of Gotham city, The Mayor? First Mayor of Gotham, then the Mayor of New Otherton, the Mayor of the Suddenly Susan office, and finally the Mayor of the Island!

Also the Dark Knight was amazing or whatever adjective you want to replace for amazing. Ledger's Joker was breathtaking and the only thing that would have made the film better would have been Vince Vaughn as Batman or one of the fake Batmen.

Finally, watching Ebert and Roeper right now, when was the last time Roger Ebert was on the show?

In a week of proper villians

The Joker, meet Dr. Horrible. Dr. Horrible, meet The Joker.

I can empathize with both characters, Batman's a weirdo with too much money while don't get me started on that Captain Hammer. The Dark Knight comes out Friday, watch Act 1 of Doctor Horrible's Singalong Blog (not to be confused with a singalong psalm).

What I would be eating all week....

Who isn't pumped for the Dark Knight? It's supposed to be the bestest comic book ever, four real! Heath Ledger's final role, Bale continuing to be the best Batman since Keaton (or West, you choose), Two Face, Maggie Gyllenhaal instead of Katie Holmes Cruise, and the Gotham City Pizza which is cloaked in Pepperoni, that's right CLOAKED IN PEPPERONI. Too bad that I don't eat pepperoni, but I'll be fine with my Gotham City Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich which is cloaked in Peanut Butter, maybe even the smush of the PBJ will come out in a Rorschach inkblot that is shaped like a bat.

Danny Tanner wasn't just neurotic....

He might have been a bit crazy too! I don't blame him as his three kids broke a lot of house hold objects, Joey was a creep, and you could cut the sexual tension between Danny his Wake Up San Francisco co-host/kind of sister in law, Rebecca "Becky" Donaldson-Katsopolis with a knife. The only saving grace was his relationship with his dead-wife's brother, Jesse Cochran-Katsopoli. Now will be get a video like this for Bob Saget's other tv persona, older Ted Mosby?

He won't fuck you over...

He's Mr. November. Screw Barackawear, combining the Democratic candidate for President, the closer to the great Alligator, and a rather funny bit created by Brian Deoliveria about said song makes for a great t shirt. One issue though - Obama is neither the new blue blood or the great white hope, but will he be carried in the arms of cheerleaders come election day?

Your choice of hats for your Fourth of July BBQ!

Hats in the shape of animals made to look like it was crafted from human hairs, I really like this little cocker spaniel number on Lesley. Check the rest out here, it's the only way to go for your animal hat hair needs, you'll be the hit of the 'Q tomorrow. Just imagine your conversations you may have....

(Cred: Rob Huebel of the Wonderful Human Giant)