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Is this segway, the wrong way?

So in today's Metro, there' s a story about a 49 man from Breighton Beach who commutes 15 miles daily to his job in Midtown Manhattan on a Segway. Now riding a segway seems like a great idea in 2008 - great for the enviroment and since it's electic powered, you don't need to worry about filling up at the pump, it's a win win situation for Jonathan Gleich. Except sometimes, a win win can turn into a lose lose as a) NY DMV doesn't allow one to registar a segway and b) while the disabled are allowed to use Segways in NY, Gliech who has MS has been slapped with 4 tickets for riding the segway.

And now while I do feel for Gleich and honestly do think that the NYC police should worry about greater things than busting a 49 year old male with MS for riding his segway, this post is more of an excuse to post a picture of GOB on his segway.

Happy Friday, I'm off to Portugal. Gonna live it up in ol' South America.
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