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Cereal Review Vol 1 -Kellogs Fruit Harvest Strawberry Blueberry

On the scale of Dennis Duffy sliding cereal scale (Dennis Duffy being Liz Lemon's on again off again beau on 30 Rock(a way better catch than the "Michael Clayton of Cleveland," Floyd)) with horrible being getting busted on Dateline's To Catch a Predator for showing up to " here to boff some chick named Mary," bad being having no reason to live because the New York Islanders lost a game, an average cereal is like knocking up Tina Fey's character Liz Lemon but in fact she has a fake pregnancy scare due to eating to many Sabor De Soledad chips, a good cereal being the "beeper king" of cereals and great being "the subway hero" of cereals.

To recap:
HORRIBLE - Dennis Duffy being busted on To Catch a Predator
BAD - Having no reason to live because the Islanders lost
AVERAGE - Pregnancy scare due to too many Sabor De Soledad throwing off Liz's period
GOOD - The Beeper King of Cereals
GREAT - The Subway Hero of Cereals
THE BEST - The Subway Hero CLAP CLAP CLAP Subway Hero CLAP CLAP CLAP Of Cereals

Anyway, cereal one is Kellogg's Fruit Harvest Strawberry Blueberry, and it's pretty decent, here's the description from Kellogg's "gorgeous slices of real strawberries and whole blueberries are combined with lightly sweetened crunchy flakes. Picked fresh from the summer berry patch, these plump and juicy berries are filled with the sweetness you'll treasure." I don't know if I'd go all way and call the dried up fruit gorgeous but the crunchy flakes are splendid. It's a good cereal with milk but when you just want to munch on some dry cereal, it's pretty bad so I'm going to equate eating Fruit Harvest Strawberry Blueberry with fake knocking up Liz Lemon, it wouldn't be horrible if Dennis knocked up Liz but at the same time, he dodges the bullet of the pitter patter of a little Tina Fey/Dean Winters baby walking around. Eating FHSB is not good as being the SUBWAY HERO but it is better than being meeting up with Chris Hanson, it's pretty average - I'd rather be eating a bagel or a Bacon Egg and Cheese but it's better than spoiled yogurt or a rotten banana.

Final Rating - AVERAGE - Like a pregnancy scare but it's really too many Mexican chips throwing off Liz's menstrual cycle.

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