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Orange, Apple, Banana?

We all love fruit, I'd say Oranges, Apples, and Bananas are my favorite and could be yours.
Who doesn't love a red delicious, a Florida orange, a nice ripe Dole Banana? OrangeAppleBanana is the start of my musings on fruit stands, cereal, music, whatever TV show I'm currently obsessed with - Lost at the moment: Grunge Jack listening the Pixies, John Locke is Jeremy Bantham, Ben being Ben, Des and Pennie, Sawyer jumping of a helicopter, OMG SO GOOD, can't wait till 09, being 25 but feeling 14 at times, my dog who likes to steal licorice and dime bags, and silly internet things such as a Patrick Swayze and a Centaur tattoo.
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