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DNC - This Is your man!

Barack? Hilary? Obama? Clinton? I think we finally found our answer:

So who are you going to vote for in November, This guy or the Black Fabio?

Orange, Apple, Banana?

We all love fruit, I'd say Oranges, Apples, and Bananas are my favorite and could be yours.
Who doesn't love a red delicious, a Florida orange, a nice ripe Dole Banana? OrangeAppleBanana is the start of my musings on fruit stands, cereal, music, whatever TV show I'm currently obsessed with - Lost at the moment: Grunge Jack listening the Pixies, John Locke is Jeremy Bantham, Ben being Ben, Des and Pennie, Sawyer jumping of a helicopter, OMG SO GOOD, can't wait till 09, being 25 but feeling 14 at times, my dog who likes to steal licorice and dime bags, and silly internet things such as a Patrick Swayze and a Centaur tattoo.