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JAMS: Jenny Lewis - Love U Forever

Off the Voyager, out today.

Hoist Up the John B Sails


There's also this, so let me go home. 

"Get Your Meal, Son" - Dude to Hawk


See also "Enjoy your meal, sir, "it's like Animal Planet in New York City," and "take it" as a Hawk eats a mouse some near Central Park West.

It's the Little Things Like Skulls on Handkerchief and Oreos on Ice Cream Cake


It's all about the attention to detail, folks. 

Wood Fired Baked Egg Mile End Bacon, Cheddar at Black Seed


For me, this is heaven. 

I Promised Voyager Apple Banana

Jenny Lewis performs at the 2014 Newport Folk Festival. 

You get Voyager Apple Banana. Hourish Jenny Lewis set from this weekend's Newport Folk Fest? Let's do it.

Welcome Home


The Empire State aka the only state for me.