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OAB on Hiatus: Work's Cray Edition

Your favorite blog is off for a little while we tend to some dealings at the island of the misfit toys.

Is That a Man in a Unicorn Costume or an Actual Unicorn?


Well, I think the cops got this one.

New Giants 16, New Orleans Saints Whatever


All you need is blocked field goal and a couple of fields goals, no crazy gun slinging QB shootout.

Wake Up Patrick Ewing


There is more to this but it may involve Pat being dunked on by MJ but are not going to sponsor that kind of milarky on OAB

This Is Not Quite As Good as the Log Lady Intros on the Twin Peaks DVDs


Still none the less, Margot and her log were at the 1990 Emmys. 8 year old Ryan Apple Banana was probably stoked.

"I'm Like a Corgi, Let Me Slide Into a Pool"


This is what the world needs right now. 

GIF Friday: Don't Call Your Gun "Daddy," Daddy


Atlanta's really good, like I wouldn't say that it's Twin Peaks with rappers good but it's still really good.