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GIF Monday: Arya in Bravos



Betty Draper Francis & Glen Bishop 4Ever


The true love story of Mad Men.

But Where Was Robin Lopez During All of This?

A video posted by Malcom (@mac_raw377) on

A big splash off a ladder through a table from one mascot to another, it may be the highlight of the NBA playoffs so far.



Haven't "weighed in on" the whole Twin Peaks stuff, but cool if we get more Peaks, cool if we don't.

Oh Goodness, Blake Griffin Legit Murded Aron Baynes Three Times


Arrest that man! Because good Lord, cramming down on Aron Baynes so many times.

Gemma Correll Knows Why We're Crying


I think all of this applies to me. 

It's Just Who He Is/Let the Conversation Begin

No the Drop today, so someone's got to be dropping those Garth quotes.