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JAMS: Will Butler - Witness

Off the surprisingly decent, Policy.

Where Does Chanting For Tom Hanks Rank in the Knicks Season Power Rankings?


Somewhere inbetween Melo's hats and a Quincy Acy MVP chant, I suppose.

Tas Melas, Man or Puppet?

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No duh but the Starters totally delievered on the payoff.

Who's the Chillest/Hippest Dad in the NBA Coach Community?

What kind of dad would every NBA coach be?


Trey Kerbyist of Trey Kerby blog posts.

10 Hours of the Best Verse in the History of Music According to Nathan Fielder


Unpopular opinion? But I still kind of like that that self titled Blink 182 record. Not the best verse ever, Mr Fielder but yeah a 10 hour loop of Tom Delonge saying "where are youuuuuuuuuu and I'm so sorry" is a pretty funny idea.

Queen Gayle of Catsteros, First of Her Name, Mother of Cat Dragons


No duh but this was wonderful. 

Hail Coffee


By this, we summond the dark lord, caffeine.